Two Opposing Narratives on the Same Topic, Need Clarification

2021.09.27 21:30 Teenkitsune Two Opposing Narratives on the Same Topic, Need Clarification

When it comes to how certain countries operate, particularly in relationship to a more people/worker friendly society, I'm hearing alot of opposing narratives and I find it very confusing, I could use some education on this.
A perfect example would be on China, I often hear from the right that it's some communist nightmare that oppresses its people and is looking to take over and destroy the world, a narrative that I obviously find bogus. But on the left, the side of the aisle I reside on, it's often a mixed bag, with some leftists calling China communist in name only and is far more capitalist than the United States as well as quite authoritarian with constant human rights abuses, whereas I hear from other leftists including human rights professors that China is actually far better than they're made out to be, actually moving towards a proper socialist society by merely using capitalism as a sort term model in order to fund a long term socialist system and is far more ideal a society. See, it gets confusing for me since there's no agreement.
I have seen examples of problematic policies and actions within China, from censorship of information such as pro-democratic rhetoric and the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan, to lite military action against protestors. My go to examples would be the banning of Winnie the Pooh because someone compared Xi Jiping to the fictional character, particularly the Disney incarnation, to getting foreign corporations to comply with very anti-democratic policies should they want to enter the Chinese market resulting in constant preemptive bootlicking such as when Blizzard shut down a live stream with a Heartstone player when he said "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our time" revoked his prize money and banned from from Heartstone tournaments for a year. Let's not forget the constant surveillance on everyone in the country and everyone who uses software from a Chinese corporation, surveillance that is far more intrusive than the NSA surveillance in the United States. I don't know, that doesn't sound all that great to me.
I also recently saw people talk positively of North Korea for their open disdain of capitalism, and while I will never be against denouncing capitalism I can't exactly say they're the best example of a good socialist nation. I mean for the longest time they were ran by dictators, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un, the latter was quick to aggression even when it wasn't warranted, such as claiming the 2014 movie The Interview was a declaration of war, and he has not been afraid to demonstrate he's open to starting nuclear war and has no concept of MAD. And that's just on an international stage, I've heard horror stories of what's happening within the country itself with actual gulags for people deemed inferior, among other examples, I can't cite anything specific though, it has been a while.
These are the best examples I can go to, I can't say I know much else, I mean when it comes to South American countries overall the anti-democratic forms going on down there are not due to socialism but rather U.S. imperialism, such as the heavy sanctions on Venezuela, Chile's regime change in the 80s, really the only example I can think of that wasn't due to outside influence, at least to my knowledge, is the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and hopefully he's voted out next election should he be unsuccessful in undoing the democratic process down there.
I just find it really confusing the mixed messages I keep hearing, particularly among the left, with two people having two separate takes on the same country that are completely opposed to each other, and I just want clarification. I don't know how anyone could claim an authoritarian regime is ideal just because it's not capitalist, I'm plenty anti-capitalist myself but I'm also pro-democracy and pro-human rights, I'm looking for what's in everyone's best interest, not simply a partisan opposition to capitalism. At the same time, I may not have all my information correct and I'm probably going off of propaganda that has been internalized by even fellow leftists.
Look, this isn't me saying I'm a fan of imperialism, I'm super opposed to imperialism, but I'm also opposed to authoritarianism. I'm not a socialist per se, what I really am is a partisan to humanity, socialism is just a part of me as I see it's more compatible with human rights than capitalism, just as I'm also on board with feminism among other things. And no, I'm not saying socialism or communism led to these states being authoritarian and oppressive, I don't buy into that false equivalence, I'm really just saying these don't sound like the best examples to me, that even though there may be a rejection of capitalism that's not enough if they resort to violating human and civil rights.
But, again, I may not have all the information straight, I'm willing to admit that I could be wrong, this post is about getting the information I need to set the record straight, knowledge and wisdom are crucial to democracy and human rights so I continue to seek the truth, I hope I can receive some truth here.
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2021.09.27 21:30 sevenicecubes Use Apple Watch as heart monitor but not GPS in Strava?

Series 6 with an iPhone 13 pro. Can I set up my watch just to deliver heart/health info to Strava but use GPS from the phone to track a mountain bike ride?
The watch GPS is significantly less accurate than the already disappointing phone GPS.
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2021.09.27 21:30 maxipads96 Xbox series S and Xbox one cross play

Hoping someone here knows the answer to this.
My buddy just bought the new Xbox series s along with fifa 22.
I’m currently still on Xbox one and will be buying fifa 22 on its release day. Will we still be able to play clubs together or will it be separate servers?
I know they originally said it wouldn’t work in fifa 21 but we never had an issue playing with our other friend who had a newer system.
Thank you ❤️
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Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations -
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I feel like by now we would at least get some news about the ride but nothing yet
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2021.09.27 21:30 corcra1999 Importing Audio Causes Crash?

Any attempt to import an audio for animation onto clip studio causes my program to crash. My PC is rather old and Windows 8, but I haven’t had these crashes with any other clip studio function. Help?
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2021.09.27 21:30 RagaRaga32956 Sportski centar arena

Tek sam se doselio u Zagreb i tražim neku dobru teretanu da je što bliže botinecu. Vidio sam da u areni ima jedna. Jel može netko napisati svoja iskustva ako je išao/ide tamo. Jel ima baš pravih sprava za bodybuilding ili samo za trčanje i takve stvari.
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2021.09.27 21:30 KingHarrun Has virtue-signaling been prevalent among the people in your local community when you guys were still Muslims and have it affected your perception of the religion?

I've seen many people in my community especially youngsters choosing to live a two-faced lifestyle; wanting others to perceive them as pious people who adhere to the religion, but actually lives the opposite.
At first, I thought that I was morally superior to them, thinking that being on the deen gave me moral authority over them. But now I see this as a reflection of what happens when religion and culture clash with secular ones.
I often see those individuals go around and tell people to pray or come back to Islam, but don't even practice what they preach. Especially among people who hang around in the streets. There was one event in the mosque where everyone came because of a man who was murdered. Everyone cried and sobbed on that day, uttering (while enraged) "We are brothers" "We will never do this again", but the week after it all came back to the same place, the very people who shouted these sentences came back, and hang around these corners.
Have you guys experienced that in your time in Islam? I want to bring a discussion about it
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2021.09.27 21:30 Kflame210 TEs have been awful for me this year, what direction should I go for next week?

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