Mondays suck but I hope everyone has a good day anyways!

2021.09.27 20:19 rumwhorchata Mondays suck but I hope everyone has a good day anyways!

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2021.09.27 20:19 ShortAlgo $PAYC Waiting for Short signal.

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2021.09.27 20:19 groupmemberbruh someone pls help me

i heard that you can play a non pirated sound voltex on pc. is that true? and if so can someone explain me how? i live in europe
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2021.09.27 20:19 RussDrinks Wyeast 3787 is a beast!

Brewed up a batch of Belgian Dark Strong a couple days ago and pitched 3787. This was only the second time I had used it; the first being a beer a brewed a few weeks ago, which was essentially a Tank 7 clone. I usually step-mash my big Belgian beers so as to encourage high attenuation but for this beer I wanted some body left in it so I opted for a single infusion at 154. I pitched slurry from the Tank 7 clone and was a little surprised that I didn't see the bonkers krausen that I had with a fresh pitch. I let the beer free rise from 74 degrees and reckon it probably got up close to 80. At 48hrs hours after pitching I stopped seeing much activity and I noticed the krausen had fallen; I got a little concerned and decided to take a gravity reading.
To my amazement the beer had gone from 1.080 all the way down to 1.021 in that 2 day period! There was a small amount of sucrose in my fermentables, which may have helped move things along, but it was less than 4%. Not only had the yeast done an incredible job but the beer already tasted pretty great! No fusels! Nice phenols and esters! Clean! I'm throughly impressed by this yeast and will 100% use it again.
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2021.09.27 20:19 Big-Ad4826 Gosto dela e isso me deixa bem

Recentemente como dito em um post atrás, estou interessada em uma garota e estou muito feliz com isso, o problema que agente se fala MUITO POUCO, por que na sala de aula ela senta do lado da amiga dela e no recreio ela anda com outra amiga, porém só do tempinho que agente conversa já me deixa muito feliz. Na primeira conversa que a gente teve pedi recomendações de anime, e ela me recomendou Demon Slayer, que ja virou meu anime favorito, essa semana só vai ter EAD, mas na semana que vem estou muito ansioso de contar como foi ver esse anime foda, e espero que de bom a conversa
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2021.09.27 20:19 OliverMarkusMalloy ‘Time to prosecute Donald Trump’ says New Hampshire newspaper columnist calling GOP ‘fascist threat to Democracy’

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2021.09.27 20:19 Osetinka A matched set of biker masks for a customer

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2021.09.27 20:19 ShortAlgo $NVCR Awaiting Buy signal.

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2021.09.27 20:19 Kidneypopper Rate my wc please

My team was ruined gw6 so i had no choice to wildcard
Def: duffy, tierney, alonso, marcal, livramento
Mid: salah, saka, raphinha, gray, longstaff
Fwd: lukaku, jimenez, vardy
Gk: mendy, foster
Benching gray, longstaff and livramento for gw 7. Bringing in taa when the fixture is better than facing city.. what do u think guys?
This is my first fantasy season.
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2021.09.27 20:19 Sorci96 Unfortunately I found N'zoth only 2 times. My opponent found ghoul and 3 poison so this is only a second place. My favourite build so far <3

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2021.09.27 20:19 LJAkaar67 Why can't I buy frozen trout or frozen mackerel at Costco? (A question that might be more about trout than Costco...)

Here is one list of many that describes trout and mackerel as some of the healthiest fish
On the other hand, tilapia is often described as a very unhealthy fish
I'd love to replace my Costco tilapia purchases with trout or mackerel.
So what do you think prevents Costco from selling them?
I'll assume it's because there's not enough of a market for them, or something in their production makes it unprofitable, but what? Or is it something else?

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2021.09.27 20:19 rawbamatic 39 Sudbury miners trapped underground since Sunday afternoon

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2021.09.27 20:19 AmbitiousLine9686 Is there a summary somewhere of the "Recovery and Resilience Facility" plan for Netherlands?

I'd be interested in a list of highlight projects that would be included in the proposed plan.
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2021.09.27 20:19 Lord_Snow179 Here's my top 10 First Law POV characters. What's yours?

  1. Logen Ninefingers: Say one thing for logen ninefingers, say he's the best character ever (in my opinion at least.) I love everything about this guy, his Bloody-Nine, his story, his arc, his struggle to be better vs his addiction to violence. And his ending in Red Country, though cliche, it is very fitting in my opinion and completes his character arc very nicely.
  2. Caul Shivers: Shivers is in my opinion the character with the most development in the first law universe, and it is done amazingly. I loved him is Best Served Cold, in the Heroes, at the end of Red Country, and in The Age of Madness. outstanding.
  3. Sand Dan Glokta: Why, why do I do this? What can I say, he's just great, and after reading The Age of Madness and how he basically beat up Bayaz (for now), along with Sharp Ends... man, Glokta is amazing.
  4. Orso Dan Luthar: Man... I loved this guy, in just a trilogy he became one of my favorites and his "death" broke me.... just one last thing... How's the Leg?
  5. Jezal Dan Luthar: Poor guy, I really liked him, he genuinely wanted to do good but the world kept beating the shit out of him. One of the most tragic in the series.
  6. The Dogman: I wasn't a fan of this guy while reading First Law, but man... The Age of Madness and The Heroes changed my perspective about the guy. His death almost got me tearing up... He was one of the best ones, a straight edge, and now he's back to the mud.
  7. Savine Dan Glokta: Her arc and her involvement in The Age of Madness is amazing, she reminds me a lot of Cersei Lannister from ASOIAF (even the incest is here) she is simply amazing, I love to hate her.
  8. Bremmer Dan Gorst: Oh man... his journey from losing the contest even after being the best, falling into depression, being rejected for negligence due to his depression, hating himself, being unable to find love. and his death... Do you believe in redemption?
  9. Monza Murcatto: She is the best one-book only character in my opinion. Her arc is amazing, her relationships with Cosca and Benna are outstanding, and I am really excited to see what she has to offer in future books.
  10. Black Rikke or Black Calder: couldn't decide, they're both amazing.
Honorable mentions: Tunny, Leo Dan Brock, Nicomo Cosca, Collem West, Curden Craw
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2021.09.27 20:19 shaboozeybot Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Ep. #33 | Big Treszh' | Super Beard Bros - Super Beard Bros

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2021.09.27 20:19 Strong_Lock2211 27/CST Save me from the solo queue

Im looking for friends to play with because soloing is a fucking nightmare to deal with, Gonna give you a heads up I only add people who actually join parties so if you're the type who never joins or keeps people waiting for 20 minutes I'm not interested sorry
I play red dead, cold war and dead by daylight
PSN username: AriaCelesteXO
I play nights only
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2021.09.27 20:19 SaleApprehensive8435 Valium vs Klonopin Subjective Effects

Is it worth switching from Valium to Klonopin? Assume that you are prescribed 10 mg of Valium per day. Would switching to 1-2 mg of Klonopin per day subjectively feel the same as 10 mg of Valium per day?
Or would the effects of both be different? How do the withdrawals from both compare?
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2021.09.27 20:19 Mwblackwood Jerome Boger, The Head Referee For The SF-GB Game, Has a Son Name Tra Boger, Who Was Cut By The Green Bay Packers In 2006

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2021.09.27 20:19 IgnoreMe304 West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Tries To Squirm From Under Coal Business Debt

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2021.09.27 20:19 green6fairy Manifesting

Hi! So i've been manifesting a guy, and i even wrote his name on a piece of paper 3 times, folded it and sealed it with red wax, then on another piece of paper i wrote some intention sentences and sealed it with red wax too. The thing is that since i did that, i dream a lot of him, like even when i take short naps and I'm not sure that what i did (my manifestation) is working. My question is : did i do something wrong or is there anything i can do to improve what i do?
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2021.09.27 20:19 plurib [pubq] Inform agent in full request of other fulls currently out?

I’ve been querying since May and had a few fulls trickle through. However in the past few weeks I’ve suddenly received numerous full requests. With a few fulls in the past agents have said in the requesting email “as a professional courtesy please let me know if any other agents are considering the manuscript as well”. Is this something I should be including when I respond to full requests? I did in one I received this weekend but they didn’t specifically ask and now I’m over worrying it that I did something I wasn’t supposed to.
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2021.09.27 20:19 Difficult_Feeling_70 🦮 FindShibby 💸 BIG FEATURE release Today - Real Company 🎁 Flexible Reward System 👌 KYC approved 🧑 Doxxed Dev -LP LOCKED 100%

The search for Shibby heated up by our upcoming Feature and our APP sneak peek! 🦮
Why is this Token different than the other 2000 Dog coins? We have utilities.
💎 Website :
💎 We will have a FindShibby App (Sneek Peek in Telegram)
💎 We will start selling Shibby Snacks
💎 We will have our own Pet charity
💎 We have real world funds
💎 We are a real company in the UK & Mexico
💎 We are FindShibby.
🔜 The feature that will be released today is rare as hell, buy before it’s released
What is FindShibby? FindShibby (FINDSHIBBY) is the utility token and application for pet owners world wide. FindShibby partners with Shibby Snacks, a real-world pet food, snacks, and nutritional supplement brand designed with the pet’s best interest in mind.
Unlike other Dog tokens which lack utility and function, FindShibby offers their community an actual product with real utility.
FindShibby App: Have you ever desperately placed flyers around the neighborhood searching for a lost pet? The FindShibby app will soon be the new standard for finding lost pets. FindShibby app users will get rewards in FINDSHIBBY tokens.
Pet Charity: It’s our destiny to help dogs and other animals, that’s why we have a charity wallet included within our tokenomics. With every buy of FindShibby, 1% of the purchase tax goes directly to our charity wallet and likewise, with every sell, 2% of the sellers tax goes to the same wallet.
☑️ BUY / SELL TAXES (6% / 6%)
🎁 1% Rewards in USD-T
🚀1% Rocket Fuel
⚖️ 2% Auto Liquidity
🐶 2% Charity
🐶 Contract: 0x045dab7bd7545418edbda549805d097fe10a6e0e
🐶Pancakeswap :
🐶Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.27 20:19 AnDieMusic Toxic Warlock

Do whatever you want, don't rly care. just venting. Just that the Tryhards are probably the most toxic in this community. like holy shit. even more toxic than playing against smurfs. and its annoying, because some of us just want to play the game for fun. And maybe I should be playing unranked, just the aspect of playing against others, in ranked, and seeing who is best is more rewarding. Now you cant hear the voice comms but this guy had to be like 1 behavior score like damnnn. anyways my point being don't take Dota to seriously, it's just a game, enjoy that it is a game, and that it isn't a matter of life an death. sincerly, me. - Fuck tryhards.
"note that the last sentence is satirical, but if u do get to riled up from misplays and other stuff(in an unhealthy way). maybe it's time to take a break. Or I don't know go to anger management therapy. just backoff, you are ruining the experience for evryone, including youself"
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2021.09.27 20:19 -I-c-a-r-u-s- Reddit is a place for hot takes, not deep analysis - but which topic do you wish people would take a little more time to carefully consider?

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2021.09.27 20:19 Elgarr2 Banned abortions, how many unreported…

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