Are emo Cat girls ur type? [f 20]

2021.09.27 20:54 LizzyLovesick Are emo Cat girls ur type? [f 20]

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2021.09.27 20:54 ANewTomorrowSoon Bought Doge at 69 cents

Been thinking about posting here for sometime now but not sure what for. I'm that guy who put in $2700 and bought Doge when it touched ATH. Doge was the first coin I bought when I entered crypto back in Jan this year and I did it as a joke. Then I saw the pump, all the good things being said about it, Elon getting involved etc. and on May 8th, I went all in (stupid, I know). I'm down a lot of money but still holding. I'm apprehensive about averaging down because I don't want to lose anymore. It's just that I don't see any hope and there's no movement whatsoever. Sorry this wasn't a positive post!
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2021.09.27 20:54 stepanek55 Online coop, 3 people.

Hello is it possible to play this game with me and my 2 friends (3 people in total) it’s pretty wired that one guy controls 2 characters while two other guys are controlling only one. It also take away the immersion to play just one char. Is possible to finish this game with only 3 characters in party?
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2021.09.27 20:54 omegacrunch Crashing

Anyone else having issue with the game crashing? Started happening to me a couple weeks back. My console is new (second PS4), I've done all googled steps. Still happens. I get a couple hrs play then boom. Sometimes less. Sufficed to say, has put a damper on my use of the car meet for rep and I'm now dragging my heels at 354/1000... we seriously need more races. If this doesn't stop soon I will simply quit GTA, having done everything else. I've had a few friends report similar issues but ugh it's nuts.
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2021.09.27 20:54 ripperroo1992 [WTS] Fear of God Essentials x Union Shorts ‘Army Green’ - Small, DS $170

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2021.09.27 20:54 acagedrising Pencil Board Recommendations?

I am on the hunt for a pencil board that is actually functional as a guide sheet - light background with dark grid lines to use behind my tomoe river paper blank notebook I journal in currently (Galen Leather’s A5). The Hobonichi ones and others I’ve found are useless as guide sheets because the backgrounds are dark and the lines are faint.
As a fall back, I can definitely get the ones included with the book laminated or make one to get laminated, but I was hoping to find a vendor option so I can buy multiple in various sizes and skip the DIY. Anyone have any favorites?
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2021.09.27 20:54 academydiablo Who’s some of your picks for an Okay/ medium player to come back for an all star season and dominate or win and becoming a new school legend?

I mean someone like Rob, Amber, Sarah, Wentworth, Parvati, etc. players who are ICONIC now but were just okay their first season. And WTF choices back to an all star season.
Don’t choose obvious people like Christian or Dom. But someone you think who’s just kind of in the middle, played a top 7-8 game their first season, and could come back as a random choice who turns out to be amazing
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2021.09.27 20:54 Dekkars Dr. GOEV - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Love My Crayons

Hey you idiots.
We've had a beautiful ride on our Golden Canoo these past few days, but this shit isn't over. Apparently you degenerates think our damn sexy CEO is running some sort of shitshow and we're about to drop to previous levels.
This isn't a P&D - this is a return to the mean with some overextended shorts screaming silently into the void. If you look at comparable market caps:
Fisker: 4bil
Nikola: 4.1bil
Canoo: 2bil
You'll see that this isn't Canoo reaching valuations that are insane. They have vehicles on the road, are building a factory, and should have more than enough money to get to manufacturing (Oklahoma is giving them 300mil in subsidies!) To be in-line with other EV companies at this stage their share price should be about double what it is now.
I'm not even going to compare them with Lucid or Rivian (at 40bil or so each)
The issue here is that short's average cost basis is ~$10. In order for things to return to normal a lot of shorts need to burn and they're not going down quietly. If you take a look at IB you'll see that shorts are out of shares. Ortex (which I don't have access to, but have had confirmation from other sources) shows a similar picture.
This morning GOEV dropped hard, then bounced right off the .382 fibonacci retrace.
Dat Bounce though
To only add to the short's pain we are on the SSR list for tomorrow too.
In short. Shorts are fucked with a $10 average cost basis. Market is bullish on Canoo and just bounced off a fibonacci support level. That support level was at our SSR line so we have short sale protection tomorrow too! (Not that there are any shares to short anyway)
If shorts cover (even some!) we'll bounce hard up into the $20s. At THAT point I'll expect us to head back down to $15. Right now we still have room to run.
tl;dr - shorts r fuk and they know it. Market is bullish and eating crayons gives misplaced confidence.
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2021.09.27 20:54 LostSoul1911 Someone to chat?

Umm, I would like to chat with someone who doesn't trust in psychologists. If there's anyone, idk. Or just chat with someone in their late 20's or older, anyone?
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2021.09.27 20:54 ferrarinobrakes I too, have the Niwalker Etmini V2. Here it is in comparison with the DT8. I very much prefer the v2 without the extension tube TBH, the DT8 feels weird in the short stubby version tho.

I too, have the Niwalker Etmini V2. Here it is in comparison with the DT8. I very much prefer the v2 without the extension tube TBH, the DT8 feels weird in the short stubby version tho. submitted by ferrarinobrakes to flashlight [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 20:54 Far_Awareness_3466 Live on twitch with some Namalsk!

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2021.09.27 20:54 pulindadeshan LOOD - A Naked Crypto Project

LOOD is a great Super Amazing Project. Looking very promising, Like this project always hit the moon trend. A super powerful project of The Future .This project has huge potential. One of the great projects I really like.
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2021.09.27 20:54 iLotix Built To Last can give you 19 health states in the new Developer Update (PT2)

Hey guys, so I was reading the new patch notes for the upcoming patch, and this is the buff coming to one of Felix’s perks: Built To Last.
"Built to Last
This perk shipped with fairly safe numbers to make sure it couldn’t get out of hand, but that ended up making it a pretty unpopular choice. We’ve reworked it to be far more effective at what it’s meant to do.
Hiding in a locker for 14/13/12 seconds with a depleted item in your hand will cause it to refill 99% of its charges. Each use of Built to Last reduced the number of charges refilled by 33%."
Here’s the link to the patch notes for the upcoming update
I believe this means that the first time you enter a locker with a depleted item, it refills 99% of its charges, the next time, 66%, then finally, 33%. This gives you three opportunities to refill an item of its charges.
I did the math out of curiosity to figure out how many charges you can possibly get out of this new perk mechanic. So I’m posting it here for everyone else to see.
First, some things to establish about healing:
1 health state = 16 med-kit charges
Healing speed and charges are not correlative to each other, therefore speed is not a factor, so perks like Coulrophobia, Sloppy Butcher, Leader, etc. are not considered in this. This is a focus on how many health states you can get out of this build. Speed is not considered.
Great skill checks are also ruled out of the healing calculations for simplicity’s sake.
Let’s grab the most charge-abundant med-kit, a Ranger Med-Kit with the Gel Dressing and the Gauze Roll. The Ranger Med-Kit has 32 base charges by itself, the Gel Dressings add an additional 16, and the Gauze Roll another 12 charges.
Charges: Ch
Health states: Hs
Ranger Med-Kit: 32 Ch
Gel Dressing: +16 Ch
Gauze Roll: +12 Ch
Total: 60 ch
60 Ch ÷ 16 Ch = 3.75 Hs
With only the Ranger Med-Kit with a Gel Dressing and the Gauze Roll, you can pull off 3¾ of health states in one game. That's really good, but the new Built To Last alone almost quadruples this.
With new Built To Last:
99% Ch = 59.4 Ch = 3.7125 Hs (≈3.7 Hs)
66% Ch = 39.6 Ch = 2.475 Hs (≈ 2.5 Hs)
33% Ch = 19.8 Ch = 1.2375 Hs (≈1.2 Hs)
Amount of health states acquired from Built To Last: 7.425 Hs (≈7.4 Hs)
Health states recovered with med-kit and BTL: 11.175 Hs (≈11 Hs)
Now if we pair this with efficiency perks that reduce the consumption of med-kit charges, it amplifies the original 3¾ health states by almost sevenfold.
Streetwise: 25% efficiency buff
Self Care: 20% efficiency buff
Botany Knowledge: 33% efficiency buff
Total efficiency buff: 78%
78% of 11.175 = 8.7165
Amount of health states recovered from efficiency: 8.7165 Hs (≈8.7 Hs)
11.175 + 8.7165 = 19.8915
Total: 19.8915 Hs
This means if you bring the Ranger Med-Kit with Gel Dressings and the Gauze Roll, Streetwise, Self Care, Botany Knowledge, and the new Built To Last, you can heal yourself almost twenty times by yourself. I think it goes without saying that this is immensely unnecessary, as being injured that many times in a game is almost certainly unlikely.
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2021.09.27 20:54 cragar79 Ulrich Schnauss ‎– Broken Homes

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2021.09.27 20:54 urmommythinksimdope Help with Dishwasher repair

I have a Whirlpool dishwasher model# dwu8240bax. I had to replace the float switch, which I did, relatively easily. However, the float assembly coming from inside the dishwasher and touching the switches activator lever does not engage the switch.
The lever keeps pushing the float stem and retaining nut up into the position it would be if working properly and there was water in the tub.
Is the retaining nut supposed to be screwed all the way to the top of the float stem? I know it's probably something deserving a good facepalm.
Oh and the switch and inlet work. When I run a cycle and manually engage it, water enters the dishwasher.
Thought I'd reach out on reddit to see if anybody had any insight. All the vids on interwebs don't deal with my old af dishwasher.
Thanks in advance!
link to picture of lever, stem and switch
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2021.09.27 20:54 Vitamin_CMB Everything $2 each, free PWE

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2021.09.27 20:54 Icy-Blacksmith-9846 Camp/Fort Trenton

Camp/Fort Trenton
Camp/Fort Trenton
US Army? base. From The Lone Warrior in Banner Comics #3
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2021.09.27 20:54 hyperion-i-likeillya I WENT FLAWLESS

buuuut i forgot too reset my card.....
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2021.09.27 20:54 AdIm_Ne Kararsız kaldım

God of war Ascension mu 3 mü almalıyım hangisini önerirsiniz
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2021.09.27 20:54 PotentialAgile951 If you try to kill yourself and your under 18 do you have to go to therapy by law?

I'm 18 and am just curious I absolutely promise you I am adsolutely not suicidal so please don't assume that.
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2021.09.27 20:54 schrutefarmsbb Anyone know the history of this furniture maker?

Anyone know the history of this furniture maker? I bought a hutch and sideboard from Loveseat auctions (for $10!) and have been trying to find out more about the original maker, Gavrich Products, but am having a tough time finding any info. I'm pretty decent at internet research, but this one is stumping me, which is only making me more curious!
Here's what I know, and would love any thoughts from folks who may be more familiar with this brand. Attaching a photo of the company stamp from the back of the hutch, and some photos of the front.
Name on the back of the Hutch: Gavrich Products, Inc. Lomita, Calif.
Sec. of State Business Info: 3x results show up but none give me a good lead to go on for more info on this company (screenshots attached for the details of each of the 3x results)
Other Pieces From this Maker I've found Online:
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2021.09.27 20:54 dailyketamine Ciel

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2021.09.27 20:54 dscokink8 Welcome to Mondays.

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2021.09.27 20:54 BrotherSeamus Monday Night Struggle

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2021.09.27 20:54 mslovelybones45 He won't let me use my hands

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