Google doodle celebrates 161st birthday of Japan's 'Father of Judo' Kano Jigoro

2021.10.28 06:03 NarinderpalSingh Google doodle celebrates 161st birthday of Japan's 'Father of Judo' Kano Jigoro

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2021.10.28 06:03 Effective-Ad246 Man destroys man. Apes don’t destroy apes. 🦍

Hodling To the Moon. This is bigger than myself. Love you all!
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2021.10.28 06:03 serpao I am level 12 and im being matched vs lvls 14 almost every single time. It is really hard to play like this

I am around 6000 trophies, and im being matched 9/10 times vs levels 14, when i am only level 12.
It is a huge differente in tower hp/damage, also on champs.

How is this fair?
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2021.10.28 06:03 Harambaestesticles What price do people reckon I should buy more at??

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2021.10.28 06:03 SourWinterAdult Daemon just can't stay away from those Targ women ​😏​😆. Happy Targaryen Thursday ​🐉​🐉​🐉 !

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2021.10.28 06:03 Mx_Toniy_4869 Obscure Pokémon Fact Day 228

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2021.10.28 06:03 ch3tmanlee Fertile Ground

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2021.10.28 06:03 Then-Lecture How long does it take for your iPhone13p to charge with a 5w charger?

Was using an iPhone X before and it took maybe around 2hours (or 3?) to fully charge from around 20%. But with this iPhone 13p, it took an hour just to get from 15% to 35%. Is this normal?
I’m using a 5w charging brick and usb-a charger
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2021.10.28 06:03 Joikindnonhysan Corinnakopf - so hot video <3

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2021.10.28 06:03 NimbleBarrister cURSEDCOMMETN

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2021.10.28 06:03 InsideMeaning Intention was “missing”. What I found is inexplicable.

I am relatively new to Randonautica, but have already had some unusual experiences using the app. The last time I used it, I set out with the intention “missing”. It took me to a parking lot near my house. This is a parking lot that is owned by a big store that has been shut down for a long time there I believe. Anyway, it took me directly to the only car in that part of the lot— a blue Audi. I went up and looked in the windows, and immediately noticed that something had exploded in the car. It looked like a gallon of milk had gone bad and exploded. There was also a thing of orange juice, and some bread in a bag on the front seat. The bread was nasty and moldy. It was like someone had shopped at the big store across the street (the bag had the name of the grocery store on it), put their groceries in their car, and then left, never to return. I asked about it in a local community group online, and apparently others in a running group that meets at that location have noticed this car too and said it’s been there at least a year like that. They’ve observed it over time as the groceries rotted and the milk exploded. It has out of state plates (for the state next to this one; not unusual since we are close to that other state). Someone in the running group said they called it in to the cops, and they ran the plates, but it doesn’t come up stolen or missing. Other than that, there’s nothing they can do. I got the most ominous feeling when I saw this car. Something doesn’t seem right. Who buys milk, orange juice, and bread, puts it in their car, and just abandons their car for over a year? This isn’t some shit car either. This is a really nice, newer, high end Audi. The fact that Randonauting for “missing” took me there just confirms my suspicion that somehow foul play was involved. That is my weirdest Randonautica experience to date. Now every time I drive by that car, I get a little freaked out.
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2021.10.28 06:03 Gaminglandscapes1 Walking around Tsushima edit. This took me way too long :)

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2021.10.28 06:03 Zealousideal_Two8008 H4nnah 0w0 - She looks so cute dancing <3

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2021.10.28 06:03 OverCastStudios Blind Bunnies NFT GIVEAWAY

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2021.10.28 06:03 AlarmedImprovement62 Fasting

I want to fast to make reparations for my sins.
How can I do this?
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2021.10.28 06:03 Strong_Pause Mental Worship : Method for focused attention

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2021.10.28 06:03 yougiraffemecrazy Bunny Ita Bag (review in comments)

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2021.10.28 06:03 zarathustraSaid Finally released some music after friends convinced me to. I practice piano improv about 2-3 hours per day for 2 years now and any feedback on my playing here would be appreciated.

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2021.10.28 06:03 Yamberry100 OTIUM Tech ☮️ | IDO in 2 days!! | Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨 | Low MC at TGE: 100x Potential 🚀 | BSC Gem

☮️ OTIUM TECHNOLOGIES Bringing blockchain to travel & tourism
When does IDO start❓ October, 30th
Where❓ Pinksale 🎀
✅ Launch on PCS after presale ✅ Big Marketing Campaign & Listings after Launch ✅ Unique use case: Bringing blockchain to travel and tourism. ✅ Fully doxxed & transparent team ✅ Solidproof Audit & KYC ✅ Liquidity Locked & Team Tokens Vested
What is OTIUM❓
Otium provides solutions to large companies in the Hotel & Travel industry with a tool to capitalize through their own token while interacting and building customer loyalty in a new way, while user will have the possibility to feel part of their favorite brand, using loyalty tokens in a practical and simple way, either by voting, investing or to purchase brand’s products.
🔶Pioneers in the vacation leisure industry 🔶Senior team of industry experts 🔶Well-connected with major tourism companies
Join our social media below
➡️Website ➡️Reddit ➡️Telegram Otium Overseas Official ➡️Youtube ➡️Whitepaper
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2021.10.28 06:03 DankuBot My dog doesn't like getting flipped off

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2021.10.28 06:03 Camila-DC-1000001 Ulcerative Colotive sucks

I’m still at the hospital being treated but I wanted to know what the future looks like and what kind of food I’ll be able to eat while I won’t be able to eat and I asked the doctor said I’ll have a normal life please I need some motivation!!
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2021.10.28 06:03 tobyyy_xx Bang. Lyrical clothes in the store👊🏼

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2021.10.28 06:03 THELEBANESEUNBOXER Pretty much spot on.

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2021.10.28 06:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Chinese envoy to South Korea mourns ‘old friend of China’ Roh Tae-woo | South China Morning Post

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2021.10.28 06:03 ResidentSouth3531 😂😂😂

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