fa7r3 h222s 2kfh5 58yta 66e8k zsr24 t74rk s2aek s522b sr9b8 a85f7 d5ktr bbk6t 2kf3s yehh6 k3ik5 hk3at zdi82 4a4d7 h5fss 2az8h First time posting! Also, one of the veeery few times I actually did nail art (CCW) | Illinois Gun Laws | GunsToCarry Guide

First time posting! Also, one of the veeery few times I actually did nail art (CCW)

First up, our pal A.H. Lloyd sends us an excellent range report. A few weeks ago I was singing the praises of the Charter Arms Undercoverette, a compact revolver that is almost exactly the same size and weight as a standard .38 Special snubbie but which is chambered in the hard-to-find .32 H&R Magnum. Within one year of the application for a CCW permit. Attendance at a firearms training course is required for original and renewal applications for a CCW permit. ... during that time, the person has not been convicted of any other such violation of chapter 152 or a similar law of another state; or a person who is or has ever been committed by a ... My slowest time with the green dot was faster than my fastest time with the red dot (with the exception of 1 rep). Now there are a few caveats I could make with this information, such as this was a very simple drill, these were low round counts, and 10 reps of each optic isn’t a huge data set. Kind of a stupid article. I am retired law enforcement and have carried in everyone of the locations that are in my local area. The object is, if you have a CCW, keep it CCW. No one should see it anyway. The only time I would use it would be in an extreme situation, like an active shooter. GM: “First country to come at least partially to its senses.” South Korea rolls back "living with COVID-19" policy as cases and deaths reach all-time high; restrictions to be reinstated — BNO Newsroom (@BNODesk) December 16, 2021. UK/Europe. Please read entire tweetstorm: End of December is 8 doubling times away. Affordable, smooth, reliable! Great CCW and self-defense gun; Great gun… I bought (it) to leave in my truck; 2. TX22. The Taurus TX22 is a .22 Long Rifle semi-auto pistol available in more than a half-dozen finishes. Accurate and reliable, the TX22 shoots and feels like a custom-tuned competition model but it’s priced at a fraction of the cost. Yes. Quality control is about how few bad examples get out. I look for good quality control in the brand’s of firearms I purchase. I also look for the manufacturer’s willingness to make it right. I actually have an RIA with about 5,000 rounds out of it and only one failure ever. First, great review, and lots of interesting comments. Thanks for all of that. I took my new Desert Tan TP9SA out to the range for the first time today. First shot, Blazer Brass 115Grain, right dead center in the middle of the target. That’s never happened to me before, ever. I put 200 rounds through it today. This is an amazing gun. Okay so I've been practicing yoga for about 6 years or so on and off and my last two Sessions I feel like I've had a big Breakthrough.. So while doing my regular yin poses these last couple times I feel like I have found my limit like always but now through conscious awareness I am able to completely relax all the muscles around the area I'm working /stretching and oh my lord what a difference. I llinois gun laws require residents to have a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card to possess a firearm or ammunition. There is a waiting period of 72 hours after buying a handgun to take possession of it. Concealed carry licenses are issued by the state police to applicants who have passed a 16 hour training course and are at least 21 years old.

2022.01.21 07:25 lavenderins First time posting! Also, one of the veeery few times I actually did nail art (CCW)

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2022.01.21 07:25 coronasandkinos Meet me on the bridge

Dear friend, the lost love of my life,
Meet me on the bridge. In this life or in the next level: find me. Come and see me. Let’s know each other again. Given the chance, I’d love you all over again, but better. I wouldn’t lose you.
I’m still amazed to know that a love like this exists. It’s mind boggling. Even after all these years. I’m grateful that the silver lining in losing you, was knowing what a pure, honest, beautiful love looks and feels like. Thank you, for sharing that with me.
So please, any time, but just eventually, meet me on the bridge. Let’s relive this love again. If nothing else, I’d like to see your face and enjoy the magic of your embrace.
Maybe I’ll find a love like this again in someone else, someone new. But the reason I even know it exists - this virtually indescribable, overwhelming, all-consuming love - will always be because of you.
It’s been a long, strange time without you. I’ve missed you and mourned losing your friendship, nevertheless remaining hopeful one day, you’ll…
Meet me on the bridge. Let me love you again.
Your long lost friend
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2022.01.21 07:25 henrimart 29 [m4m] f u c k this weekend?

Been super horny lately Lf someone to mess around this weekend preferably within NCR. Vers guy, biggie, can get kinky at times. Place is not a problem and accessible by MRT :-)
Into bare fun (I’m on prep), spitting, tied up sex, blind fold, rough sex, slight dom sub play, cum swallow.
Check my profile. Hit me up!
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2022.01.21 07:25 Spacecowboy2184 Found in a rando liquor store in Inglewood, CA

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2022.01.21 07:25 Tribate @Zombey: "Der ursprüngliche Release Tag von Elden Ring wäre heute gewesen😢 Noch 34 Tage bis Release!"

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2022.01.21 07:25 marr232 Celer’s cBridge — A Deep Dive

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2022.01.21 07:25 GeekLove13 Day 3 testing a month before egg retrieval cycle?

My doctor has asked me to come in for day 3 bloodwork (FSH, estrogen) the cycle before the egg retrieval cycle. Is this typical? I’ve mostly heard of day 3 testing being done at the beginning of the egg retrieval cycle itself. It may be because I have the Mirena IUD in so they just want to make sure my levels are normal/trackable? I’m doing egg freezing for fertility preservation.
Also, I’m 34 with an AFC of 10 and an AMH at 1.5. This was a little lower than I’d hoped given that I have no known infertility issues. After looking into it, it seems like these levels are still in the lower normal range? Any retrieval outcomes from people with similar stats welcome (I have looked at the hunger games GoogleDoc, but I’m still kind of obsessing).
Thanks in advance for your input! This is a stressful process, but I appreciate the community.
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2022.01.21 07:25 CriticalRenegade My stream is a Pentakill radio as well as a days since last League of Legends match counter.

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2022.01.21 07:25 campapathy Cdlc at the front with the pink leaves, mace windu behind, both day 73, 2 more weeks left ish I'd say!

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2022.01.21 07:25 D-J97 Do I need to declare I drive a works van on my insurance?

Hi all, just a little one today, I'm a postman with royal mail, and regularly drive royal mail vans. Do I need to declare this as access to a company car? I just want to make sure my insurance is right and the only info I can find from from Google search is regarding accidents in work vehicles, so hopefully someone may be able to help. Thanks
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2022.01.21 07:25 Cobrajo90 I may have saved someone’s life and now I feel bad about it

So there’s a guy I work with and he’s always talking about how he doesn’t want to be alive anymore or how he wishes something bad would happen to him.
So I got to talking to him about some of his problems and he has a history of depression and that nothing (medication or therapy) has helped him. He mentioned that he wakes up every day and says “f***, I’m still alive”. I asked him, “what keeps you from doing it, what keeps you grounded?”, and he said his kids.
Again, he always says things related to suicide but what finally pushed me was when he said, “I loaded a bullet in the chamber and put the gun to my head”.
The next day I told my immediate supervisor what was said and the day after that I got a call from our resiliency coordinator. I explained our conversation and she got in touch with him.
I know I did the right thing, but I feel bad about it and I don’t know why. And I’m not sure what to do now. I know he’s probably going to be mad that I said something but I couldn’t sit there and not say anything after hearing that. If something were to happen, I wanted to be sure I did everything I could to try and help him and to let him know there are people that care.
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2022.01.21 07:25 Impressive_Bit4198 N$FW | XXXNifty | while markets getting rekt 📉 - N$FW is up 120% (!!) in 14 days 📈 | 50% is staked 12 weeks-so almost no sell pressure | TODAY 2PM EST XXXnifty has a BIG (!!) announcement about the adult metaverse - maybe something about pre sales 🚀 | Other MetaProjects went x100 in few months

N$FW | XXXNifty | while markets getting rekt 📉 - N$FW is up 120% (!!) in 14 days 📈 | 50% is staked 12 weeks-so almost no sell pressure | TODAY 2PM EST XXXnifty has a BIG (!!) announcement about the adult metaverse - maybe something about pre sales 🚀 | Other MetaProjects went x100 in few months submitted by Impressive_Bit4198 to MetaverseCrypto [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 07:25 Nickthepapi (Unpopular opinion): People who paid for EOD should get to skip the waiting line

When you go to an amusement park and you have been waiting in line for a ride for hours, and someone with an express card walks past the whole line in a matter of seconds it’s frustrating, I get that the same could apply here but IMO it’s irrelevant, lines for amusement parks flight boarding and much else can be cut. Why shouldn’t the waiting line in EFT? We pay 2-3 time more than standard edition users and don’t get much from it, also this would be something that stays with us, no bug can get it out our inventory, we won’t lose it when we die, it’s an actual reason for people to pay more for the game, usually I only have windows of an hour to play and it makes it hard when you have to wait for 30 minutes to get in, I also believe that there are more people short of time who would be ready to pay more to instantly load since they also have busy schedules. Am I wrong?
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2022.01.21 07:25 Tipanano Ødegaard vs Liverpool

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2022.01.21 07:25 Ok-Reputation9593 🤤😘 stuff my face in her ass

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2022.01.21 07:25 Gordo_51 iirc there was a loading screen like this with Japanese planes flying, maybe with an island in the background, can someone find the loading screen i'm talking about?

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2022.01.21 07:25 jesuswasaliar the tension

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2022.01.21 07:25 B1toE2 A No-Context excerpt of a novel I'm working on.

I want you to try and guess what this scene is about. I would like to develop my prose and overall conveyance of the plot in every page. Please let me know what you think!
"There's no such thing as a painless lesson, they just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary. You can't gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain and walk from it, you'll find that you now have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle.”
- Hiromu Arakawa
A shimmering ocean.
An expanse of sky and clouds as far as the eye can see. I am hovering above this endless blue sea. I try to reach out in front of me, only to find that my body is formless and translucent. I was made of glass. Or perhaps the same water beneath me. I do not know where I am, but for some reason I am calm. I feel familiar with this place. This feeling of peace.
Movement on the horizon. Ripples start to take over the face of the ocean. The sky grows restless with winds and whispers. This lake, this impossibly large expanse of water, begins shaking with an unquenchable quake. As if the very planet itself is screaming, the darkness beneath me is illuminated by the red glow of volcanic activity. Clouds forming – whipping and melting from delicate streams of white to puffs of brilliant alabaster fluff and then into massive dark grey bodies, thundering and booming with the force of nature.
Just at that moment, from the inconceivably numerous thunderclouds, it seemed as if all energy in the world converged into one point. A thunderbolt, louder than anything my senses could handle and mightier than the world itself, struck the water’s edge in front of me. Beneath the water from where the lightning had struck, deep darkness began to grow. It grew and grew and grew until that shadow emerged above the water.
There was land. As the ground continued to grow and as I watched, I was able to see it all, yet still feeling incomprehensibly tiny compared to this new world. Around this world, this globe, I saw tiny dancing lights scattered all across—first one, then two, then six, then nine. Looking down, I almost didn’t notice the figure approaching me from afar.
That figure seemed to be completely translucent as well. Coming towards me ever so slowly, but with the assuredness that they will reach me. I had felt nothing but awe, calmness, wonder, and perhaps trepidation throughout this entire sensation. But this figure, this person, filled me with nothing but dread.
I wanted to run.
The figure stopped and reached a hand out to me. It did not speak, but my head was suddenly unable to focus on anything else but a voice. A booming voice. A voice that sounded in an incomprehensible cacophony of tones. A veritable choir of a million voices invading my mind, speaking the same words at once:
With every word, with every enunciation, I felt an increasing pressure. I felt fear. Was my mind going to break?
If I had a mouth, I would scream until blood came pouring. If I had hands, I would cover my ears. But I didn’t. I could not react to this agony.
And just at that moment, the figure lowered its arm. The pressure relented. Before I knew it, I was falling towards that land that had just formed beneath me. Falling and falling. I could feel the weightlessness in my stomach. My organs – or at least what I perceived them to be – were floating, barely contained. I fell and fell until I could see nothing else but the ground rushing towards me. One last time, I heard a voice, but not the same as before. It was light yet somewhat commanding –

I awoke to the sounds of birds high in the sky and bugs chirping away in a nearby tree. Slowly opening my eyes, I noticed that I was inside a large metal box. The box was vibrating ever so slightly as if it were alive! My head started to race with questions. Where am I? what is this place? As I began to rise from the wooden bench perched against the side of the container, I noticed that my hands were tied!
Panicking, I began struggling to undo those strange rope-like ties around my wrists. Just then, probably due to the noise, a man looked inside from an opened end of the metal box and spoke. “Ah, you’re finally awake, are ya?”
I jumped in shock, the man spoke again in his strange yet jolly tone, “now-now. There’s no need to be afraid. What’s yer name, missy?”
My mind continued to race. My name? What’s my name? Why can’t I remember anything? Other than that strange dream, I only recalled something. A name perhaps.
“Lucy… who are you?” I said cautiously.
“My name is Donovan. You must have come a long way to end up here, Lucy. Do you remember anything?”
I shook my head. Funny thing that head, it was so fuzzy. Throbbing, as if there was something willfully preventing me from remembering. Donovan continued, moving in full view, and revealing himself. A man with heavy lines across his easygoing brown eyes and pixie-like brown hair acknowledges me. I never would have expected such a kindly voice to come from this impossibly bulky person in his deep blue buttoned uniform.
“Well, Lucy. We’re here to take you someplace safe. My partner stopped for a smoke but we’ll be back on the road in just a tit.” I shook my head. While scanning for a possible way out through the open doorway, I noticed – he was armed.
He continued again, “Hmm, well, that’s too bad. I’m afraid you have to come with us.” He said in a half-shrug. Wrong answer, I thought to myself as I immediately used my unrestrained legs to jump up and grapple onto his shoulders. Then with an almost instinctual flexing of my muscles, I flipped him onto his back and loosed myself out onto the grass. Before Donovan could react, I was already in a full sprint. Find ‘Him’. I have to find out who ‘Him’ is.
Just then, Donovan got back up, lightly groaning and rubbing his lower back. He then knocked his free hand on the midsection of the metal box I escaped from. “Oi Magi! We’ve got a runner. Time for you to do yer job!”
I don’t know what direction I was going, but I know that my legs carried me like the wind. That rude, pudgy man had no hope of catching me. As soon as I assured myself, a panel on the side of the metal box opened to reveal a tall thin man. He seemed to be wiping ashes off his lap. He spoke in a relaxed tone. “Oh, alright, man, chill.”
The man wore a similar uniform, but it lacked a helmet. He bent his arms back and stretched and yawned, a large badge glinted on his chest revealing the words: MAGI OFFICER
“You country folks sure are wound up. I’ll get her no problem, just keep your helmet on.” At that moment, the slender man knelt slightly, muttered something under his breath, and the wind began to pick up behind him.
He took off with the force of a gale, crossing the near-20-meter gap between Donovan and me in an instant and rushing me into the ground.
With an “oof” and a thud, I was pinned against the grassy knolls, unable to break free. The man grappled me and retightened my restraints. Before I knew it, I was back in that metal contraption.
“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you? Lucy was your name, right?” I just struggled. Not giving into his questioning.
He continued, “Well, my name is Lucas, and I want to be the first to welcome you to Zephyr.” I froze.
Did I hear him correctly? Before I could react, he tossed me roughly into the back of the carriage, did a cheeky wave, and slammed the doors shut.
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2022.01.21 07:25 niuz-bot Sibiu: Accident cu două victime pe DN 7, la Boiţa, în urma coliziunii între un autoturism şi un TIR - [Regionale]

Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/eveniment/2022/01/21/sibiu-accident-cu-doua-victime-pe-dn-7-la-boita-in-urma-coliziunii-intre-un-autoturism-si-un-tir--851378
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2022.01.21 07:25 mostafa_tux لو رفتن رابطه شجاع خلیل زاده با پریا عرب زاده ! + عکس دختر زیبا و جذاب

شجاع خلیل زاده به تازگی خبر ازدواج خود را رسانه ای کرد.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.21 07:25 Proff_Ameno Lan camide cumadayım yanımdaki dayı uyuyo. Oturur pozisyonda hemde. Hoca dinin canın malın aklım ve dinin korunmasını emrediyor. Camii bir de soğuk, montu çıkarmıyorum. Ne yapmalıyım bir yol söyleyin.

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2022.01.21 07:25 RedStoner93 Support being uncharacteristicly useless so hoping someone here can help!

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2022.01.21 07:25 thatrandomguy42069 Do you guys think mc ride is a spiderman fan?🤔🤔🤔

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2022.01.21 07:25 mostafa_tux این میوه ها سه سوته کبد چرب را درمان می کنند!

یک از روش های آسان برای درمان کبد چرب خوردن برخی میوه‌های مفید است که خیلی فوری آن را رفع می‌کنند.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.21 07:25 mostafa_tux تصادف مرگبار در شهرستان دیر/ ۳ نفر کشته و ۵ نفر مصدوم شدند

بوشهر- مسئول اورژانس ۱۱۵ شهرستان دیر از کشته شدن سه نفر و مصدوم شدن پنج نفر در حادثه برخورد سه خودرو در سه راه مغدان خبر داد.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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