PSMA PET validates EAU classification system to determine risk of prostate cancer recurrence

2022.01.21 07:17 jobsinanywhere PSMA PET validates EAU classification system to determine risk of prostate cancer recurrence

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2022.01.21 07:17 throwaway01122021 I need advice. Me and H need to divorce- how do I start preparing for independence

We need to divorce for many reasons, too many to list save but a few he’s grown resentful towards me and my Disabilities (chronic pain), he no longer interested in friendship with me, and even though i was forthright about my pain (we meet while I was in the hospital) and that I didn’t want children. he has told me he thought I would change and he doesn’t understand why im not cured yet… he’s been honest about how he feels and that is he finds my pain unattractive… its not his fault. don’t we all want to be pain free? As for breeding I don’t understand why he wouldn’t believe me when I was very clear about my reasons.
I love children so l told him we could adopt, or he could find someone to have children with I’m not concerned I know i’ll love any child equally… but he get upset angry and shuts down.
We are sexless and haven’t really had it to began with anyways. At first it hurt and I tried to “fix” it but rejection hurt and over the years I grew to accept it and even became accustomed to it so much so, it freaked me out when out of the blue he grabbed my hand and placed it on his privates and just arrested my hand there while he thrusted on it… it was honestly a little traumatic. Like there was no warning at all. But his reaction to my reaction became a thing. Its now there but unsaid. Ive tried but again he shuts down.
Other things i found out that left me sad, unsure, upset and even timid for sexual activity came alight but for his privacy I won’t discuss them.
I don’t like highlighting the negatives and really i was okay i had accepted our life because there was mutual respect and we did have a mutual friendly intimacy- but it’s fading and it seems every disagreement is unbalanced where I try to find calm and compromise. He gets more and more stone wall.
The truth is I’m not meeting his standards and honestly I’m not mad at him for not wavering. But I also don’t wanna continue feeling less than when I let him down. Nor do I wanna continue to be the one that is trying to understand.
I should say he is thoughtful in some ways, very thoughtful. He’s a wonderful person and I worry our marriage is ruining his life.
So the crux, I’m disabled (im not a traditional digger if there is such a thing) I don’t ask for money what ever I want for myself I buy. I make sure I pay for my medical bills with my own money. I get a small Disablity check and found a job that works around my doctor’s appointments and limits. So, im thankful for that but I’m not blind buying groceries, and a car payment isn’t independence. for all intents and purposes I’m living off him, trust me i know he knows and it hurts. Every time I buy him a gift i get a lecture, and when he buys me a gift i end up with a knot in my stomach.
Without his health insurance idk what I’ll do, I’m poor and on a precipice. He wonders why i cry when i see the unhoused, it’s because I see myself.
Today I did a budget I just can’t afford to live on my own- rent for a 1 ba is more than i make a month. With my medical bills totaling $3-500 a month I’m stuck. Unless I make serious changes. My thoughts are I’ll stop 1/2 my meds and discontinue some appointments- that will allow me to squirrel away some money. I was also thinking of selling some of my things here and there… lastly I was contemplating finding a new job. There’s so many more work from home options- except he’s against my working full time bc he thinks it’s not professional if I land in the hospital again… but I’m taking classes online maybe i can figure away to camouflage my work into my school…
I need advice bc I’m thinking if i do this, can I do it in secret? Is that so ethically bad? Can I get in legal trouble? I’m afraid he will retaliate if im tell him im saving money to move out. Can he sue me for working in secret? I think if I can make this work and bide a year of time I’ll have enough to survive, move out have enough for essentials and furnishings. And maybe I could afford to pay him for half the car.
The other thing is I’ll have to open a secret bank account. Can i?
***Im sorry for the poor grammar and spelling im dyslexic i’ll take any edits as i see them.
Thank you for your help
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2022.01.21 07:17 Vapidmusings Xploding Plastix - "Joy Comes In The Morning"

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2022.01.21 07:17 ocelotusa Has anyone noticed this?

Whisper has been lame if not get this past week. That's usually because of a recent long holiday and we came off of two of them in the past month. Three, if you add in christmas.
The calibers of the remaining chatters are sinking lower and lower.
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2022.01.21 07:17 Akumabutoto PS4 SC Offer Bases, Jewels and Items

2x Archon Plate (3os; 428, 508 Def) - Lem each
Dusk Shroud 4os, 439 Def - Lem
Monarch 4os, 138 Def - Lum
Superior Flail 4os, 5ED, +2Ar - Lum
Phase Blade 5os - Lum
2x Troll Nest 3os - Lum each
2x Angelic (Amu + 2 Rings) - Lem each
Tal Rasha Amulet - Mal
Magefist 28ED - Lem
Frostburn - Lum
Kira +50 - Lem
Snowclash 152ED - Lum
Razortail 125ED - Lem
String of Ears 8LL, 12DR - Lum
String of Ears 7LL, 15DR - Lem
Arkaines Valor +2 - Pul
Shaftstop 201ED - Lem
Homunculus 171ED - Lem
2x Vipermagi (22,23) - Pul each
Arm King Leoric - Lem
2x Wizardspike - Lum each
Occulus - Pul
2x Ondals Wisdom (+4) - Pul each
Nagelring (27mf, 74AR) - Pul
3x Guillaumes Face - Lem each
Gheeds Fortune 91/10/24 - Fal/Ko
Gheeds Fortune 128/15/24 - Lem
Jewel 39ED - Lem
Jewel 32ED -15Req. - Lem
Jewel 34ED, 1-57 lightning dmg - Lem
Jewel 15IAS - Pul
Fire Facet 3/3 when you die - Lum
Cold Facet 4/5 when you die - Um
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2022.01.21 07:17 Crazy_CookieYT Watch Crazy Cookie Stream "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" on YouTube

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2022.01.21 07:17 yurykorzun Moving to Portugal vs Spain as DN

I want to learn from personal experience of people who lived in Portugal or Spain as a digital nomad. What was your experience? What did you like or dislike? If you lived in both, how can you compare it, which one did you like better?
Personally, I like Spain because of weather and rich variety of different places to visit, there is so much to see and to to. It seems to have better infrastructure and probably more developed than Portugal.
At the same time, Portugal has a better tax regime for digital nomads and the immigration process seems to be much easier. Spain is planning to introduce a new DN visa this year, but it's unclear how it's going to work. Without a special tax regime taxes in Spain are pretty high, so staying more than six months can end up costing more in taxes.
Both countries have good quality of life, good food and beautiful nature.
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2022.01.21 07:17 saleph 各段で優勝が決まり始める : 幕下 西川 / 三段目 長内と向中野の決定戦 / 序二段 朝阪神 / 序ノ口 中島

幕下 幕下は西川V、三役経験者の竜電を引き落とす 各段を通じて初の優勝 日刊スポーツ 2022/1/21 大相撲初場所 幕下は7戦全勝で西川が優勝 大阪府出身 NHKニュース 2022/1/21
三段目 【三段目】向中野が7戦全勝で長内と優勝決定戦「絶対に勝ちます」 日刊スポーツ 2022/1/21
序二段 【序二段】朝阪神がV 生粋の阪神ファン「多少なりとも影響あればいい」 日刊スポーツ 2022/1/21 大相撲初場所 序二段優勝は朝阪神 7戦全勝 NHKニュース 2022/1/21
序ノ口 大相撲初場所 序ノ口は中島が7戦全勝で優勝 大分県出身 NHKニュース 2022/1/21
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2022.01.21 07:17 Opposite_Engineer562 Why i cant buy the stones ( abo model)

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2022.01.21 07:17 Federal-Safety3002 My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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2022.01.21 07:17 JustSmall [FRESH EP] Hania Rani - Live from Studio S2 (Complete Session)

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2022.01.21 07:17 Traditional-Ad-3702 bff problems

Hello guys, firstly I would like to say I’m Italian, so English is not my first language, so… sorry for mistakes, lol. Anyway, recently my best friend has said that she thinks that, since I started dating my boyfriend, I don’t care about her and she doesn’t want to go out with me and him anymore because, otherwise, she would feel like the third wheel. Now, I absolutely understand her point; I mean, I would feel the same, probably! But the very thing that made me feel bad was another message she wrote: she told me it’s my fault if she doesn’t go out anymore. She studies everyday, so it’s on me the fact that, since I’m basically her only friend, she’s always at home. This made me feel angry, because I’m also studying everyday, and the only moment I can see my boyfriend is during the weekends, so obviously I started seeing less my bff, but still I’m talking everyday to her, so it’s not like I’m ignoring her. I’m trying to balance my love life and my “friendship” life… What do think? What should I do?
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2022.01.21 07:17 _Morul_ Help with Outfit Changer

(I posted this on RedDeadModding but it seems kind of inactive so maybe one of you here can help me)
Hi guys.
I recently began trying to mod RDR2, mostly for immersion stuff. Right now most of my mods are working so I believe I got the basis right, except for Outfit Changer.
First time I try to open the menu, I got a grey empty square that close almost instantly. Then nothing happen if I press the button again.
Any idea what I did wrong ? I use the version.dll from Outfit Changer as well.
Actually I just want to get more customization option like removing shirt or removing hand-off holster like you have in RDO. If any other mod does it right I'd be fine. I heard that WhyEm's DLC allows you to do that but there is a warning that if you save an outfit without shirt or main stuff like that it will corrupt your save, and that is exactly what I want to do, I want to be able to remove Arthur's shirt for good coffee drinking in the morning when I am out in the wild.
Thanks a lot for any help !
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2022.01.21 07:17 FoolWearingMansShoes I have trouble making sense of the situation - girl lies about not having a boyfriend and tries to convince me not to date

This is a long and complicated story. I am not trying to change the outcome but rather, make sense of the situation in order to properly move on with my life.
Shortest TLDR I can give:

So the backstory is this - I [27M] know this girl [27M] for almost 10 years - we have never had anything or tried anything serious. She is way hotter then me. We had occasional fights but mostly it was very fun and enjoyable to hang out, and she ten reminisces about things we did "Hey remember when did that - we should do that again" and digs up old selfies form 6,7 years ago and sends them to me. There were things like sending me bikini pics and sex jokes but I know they were jokes. We both had relationships during that time, but we wouldn't discuss them much. I did disclose when I was in a relationship, she kind of did not, but I assumed it was kind of "don't ask don't tell".
Two years ago she moved out of the country for a very good paying job. In the year before that we didn't talk very much, but we kind of reconnected trough texting when she moved. But after her first year away our conversations really ramped up, like a lot. We started video calling, and when she came home for 9 days we spent 3 of those together. But still so far, although the vibes have bit progressed, I still know where we stand.
After she left that time - start of the last year, things kind of escalated. First she told me that she wouldn't like to spend her next vacation days going back home, but rather that us two should go on a trip somewhere - say go to Istanbul for 9 days in May. I was kind of surprised but I was all in for it. The plan later fell through as she had to come back home due some personal reasons but we spent even more time when she came home in May. I felt some resistance, and while went on dinners and hung, driving hands on her thigh while driving, she still was somewhat distant, spending time on her phone while we hang out (not all the time but like 15%). I tried to escalate but felt that I didn't get much response so I left it at that.
We talked even more after that, and she started sprinkling the conversation with even more stuff like "I hate the apartment I am in now, maybe you should marry me and my company would give us a better apartment in my city", and a lot of stuff like that. I followed along and send her job listings I might be interested. There were a lot of details like that but I don't want to prolong the story. As a notable example my sisters wedding was in August - during her next vacation when she was coming back home and she offered to be my +1.
When she came back she was supposed to stay 15 days and while I asked her to meet we met up once for a daytime coffee when she brought me some souvenirs. We made some plans like 4 day trip, but she later canceled because she went on a trip with her dad. I really didn't know what to think. She then informed me that she requested a unpaid leave for the whole August + remaining vacation days, she would be in town for the next 20 days. She canceled my +1 at sister's wedding due to fear of Corona.
So far so good to be honest, I know what is going on, I am okay with the situation. But here comes "what the fuck":
We didn't see much until her last 2 weeks, and during those days she called me up every single day - we went out, we went to diners, we got drunk in the movies, we went on a road trip. But she was still not in it. She accepted to come over to my place one day, and she wanted to drink. We drank wine and had fun, but she didn't want sit next to me on sofa, and was texting a lot. Again at this moment, I was kind of bummed, but okay. I cooled off a bit things but she kept calling me and we proceeded to meet every day - and always hands on her thigh, even got drunk in the movies and cuddled but nothing more. She wouldn't have had time to go with anyone else during these two week, and she constantly put me on her insta stories - a detail important for later.
Our texting lost a bit frequency (I was also busy with renovations of my apartment), but the mo0d was the same - she was still talking abut how she want to go back home and talking about places we should go when she comes back. Next time she would come was this January, which was 2 weeks ago. We met once, same thing - quick daytime Coffee and souvenirs. I tried to set up a next meeting because I wanted to talk to her an tell her my feelings, but she said she had a lot of people to meet and little time. Okay then.
I talked to our mutual friend about being bummed and she told me "but she has a boyfriend since lust summer and she is going on a trip with him".
My hart fell trough and I felt so disoriented and confused. I did my best to pick myself up, and I managed to arrange a dinner with her when she came back, trying to act like I didn't know, because I wasn't supposed to. We went on a sushi and cocktail dinner, she got dressed up, high heels, tight leather pants, whole deal.
During the dinner I decided to tell her my feelings - not in a "Please come back way" but in calm "hey, I will think out loud for a bit - during the last year I got this vibe of of you wanting more but always pulling back, and I wanted to know what went trough your head during all the times you joked about us marrying"
She kind of got lost and started talking how she didn't know, that she doesn't have her life figured out, she lives far away and that complicated things, she didn't plan to move but it happened".
I asked "fine, I understand you cant have any plans, and it's a lot, but did you ever even consider it?". She continued talking about how she isn't sure about anything.
I said "okay, I am asking because I was very busy with renovations last 6 months and now that those are done I am ready to start dating again, so I wanted to clear up this situation so there won't be any awkward stuff between us.
She then went of on a rant how she did try dating in her new city, but it didn't work out, how she feels being solo is currently best for her - and for me, and that I shouldn't force dating, that relationship will just happen to me, she sees no reason why I should start dating.
I talked about how I was feeling lonely and I felt like I was missing out of couple trips and so on. She continued to argue that is no reason to start dating and that I am young enough not to bother myself with that.
I then asked if she was seeing someone - she said no, she enjoys being solo. I asked wit whom she went on a trip - she just said "a bunch of friends". I said "it's fine I have seen the story with glimpse of the guy from the trip" - she said it's just a thing she likes to do to confuse her followers. I said I was glad we talked and she said "off course, you have the right to ask anything you are interested in, and I am glad you did".
We didn't see each other after, but continued to talk like before. She went back yesterday.
I am kind off fine not being with her. I am not great, but that will pass.
But I am trying to work trough this emotionally and I can't figure out
I can rationalize her not wanting to tell me directly about not being interested in me not to hurt me (if she really has no emotions for me) I can maybe how justify not telling me about her boyfriend when asked But I can't come up with anything to explain her talking me out of dating
Well I can't make sense of anything really.
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2022.01.21 07:17 financeworld7 How to cook beets on the stove?

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2022.01.21 07:17 jippeM How is a ultra wide monitor for gaming?

I upgraded my pc recently and looking to get a new main monitor and use my 1920 1080p as second. What are the reasons I'd wanna chose normal or ultra wide for gaming?
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2022.01.21 07:17 lilithielgames Dagobah, Louisiana.

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2022.01.21 07:16 molley0m Hey Please upvote me, I will upvote you back

I need karma💘💘💘
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2022.01.21 07:16 di_fferen6tial-awe VikingBarbie

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2022.01.21 07:16 rockstar245555 Psoriasis after 3 cycles of chemo

My father devloped psoriasis dr said it's psoriasis and they recommended ct scans what it could be?
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2022.01.21 07:16 DudeThatBox LF Spare Ice Breaker Artifact

Does anyone have some? I do bot have high end items to exchange unfortunately :/ (I'm level 72) PSN: Teaway
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2022.01.21 07:16 Agima [100% OFF] Audit - Financial Statement (4 days or 870 registrations left)

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2022.01.21 07:16 Kevin_Yuu Skyrim 2022 - Combat Mods to spice up Requiem

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2022.01.21 07:16 KF3OU If he ever needs to make another diss song, it needs to be like this.

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2022.01.21 07:16 MaybeItsSmeer what is this grey line on the top of my eye?

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