Bon plan : 10€ tous les 100€ d'achat cumulables avec les Mac M1 en promo !

2022.01.21 08:11 romain34230 Bon plan : 10€ tous les 100€ d'achat cumulables avec les Mac M1 en promo !

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2022.01.21 08:11 Hot_Mathematician253 अधिक जानकारी के लिए अवश्य देखिए संत रामपाल जी महाराज जी के सत्संग रोज शाम 7:30 बजे साधना चैनल पर। 🌳More info:-👇 🪴Visit--

अधिक जानकारी के लिए अवश्य देखिए संत रामपाल जी महाराज जी के सत्संग रोज शाम 7:30 बजे साधना चैनल पर। 🌳More info:-👇 🪴Visit-- submitted by Hot_Mathematician253 to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 08:11 fatalittyy Super bowlda olucak kişileri gördünüz mü şampiyonlar ligi gibi resmen Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Dr.Dre

Gavurlar yine yaşıyor amk hayatı ya😔 şu konseri izlemek vardı kadroya bak
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2022.01.21 08:11 Char0809 Hi, I have a crested gecko, he/she is 7 months old and still weighing around 2grams, I’ve been hand feeding and that seems to help but has anyone got any ideas on how to increase weight & size?

Hi, I have a crested gecko, he/she is 7 months old and still weighing around 2grams, I’ve been hand feeding and that seems to help but has anyone got any ideas on how to increase weight & size? submitted by Char0809 to geckos [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 08:11 Hard-To-Find_Theory_ BabyTether 💸 Hold $BabyTether — earn $USDT ✅ CERTIK audited & passed KYC ✅ New Reflection GEM on BSC! 💎 Pre-sale on January 22!

Join TG:
Introduction BabyTether is a new token in the Binance Smart Chain network, which allows each holder to receive permanent passive earnings, paid in $USDT.
What could be more stable and more confident than receiving rewards immediately in $?
Every week, tokens appear that pay rewards to holders in the form of other tokens (BNB, CAKE, ADA, AVAX, Dogecoin and so on). You depend at once on the price of two tokens: on the token that you are holding and on the other token in which you are credited with rewards. Of course, you can immediately sell the second token and convert it into dollars, but these are unnecessary actions, an unnecessary waste of attention and inconvenience. Especially if you are relaxing somewhere on the islands, drinking Pina Colada. Or you can hold the token that you receive as a reward, but this is an additional risk. The risk of the market falling, respectively, of this token.
Our team really likes the idea of ​​projects that pay rewards to holders immediately in the form of stablecoins (USDT, BUSD). But in reality, there are very few such high-quality projects on the market. That is why we are here!
Think about it. Why do you need extra actions? Why do you need additional risk, which is already enough in cryptocurrency? We do not see the need for this and are more inclined towards stability, to constancy. And there is nothing more stable in cryptocurrency than stablecoins. Regardless of the market, whether it goes up or down, you will always know that you have dollars in your portfolio that you can always use in real life. Better yet, when the market falling, you will have the funds to buy back the altcoins (which other projects offer you as rewards, haha) at even lower prices.
BabyTeather is not just a meme token, without functionality. Our team wants to make a great story out of this project. Something like BabyDogeCoin.. A wonderful project and wonderful admins. And we intend to repeat their success, but in a much more stable and acceptable form for ordinary people.
If you give a choice to an ordinary person who is not very familiar with cryptocurrency to buy a coin and receive rewards for it in CAKE/BNB/Dogecoin.. or in $, what will he choose? The answer is obvious. And our mission is to distribute BabyTether not in a narrowly focused way only in the cryptocurrency community, but by embracing a large number of ordinary people who are just starting to study the cryptocurrency world.
Features 7% Redistribution in USDT 7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $BabyTether tokens, earn USDT. A Minimum of 200,000 tokens is required in order to receive rewards.
Rewards Paid Automatically For the first time ever, you don’t need to claim your earned USDT. It’s automatically sent to your wallet. Just add the Tether USD token ($USDT) address to your wallet and you're set.
Dashboard Our convenient dashboard optimized for any device will help you easily track and claim your rewards and monitor the current state of the BabyTether token.
3% Liquidity Pool 3% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
1% Sell Fee An extra 1% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales’ control.
Secured By Design Initial Liquidity Provided is locked with PinkSale. Fully Audited by CERTIK & InterFi.
Massive Marketing Plan 5% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in USDT. This allows us to fuel our most ambitious projects in service of further rewarding our community. Marketing wallet:
Calculator (coming soon) Soon after the launch, a calculator will be added, with which you can calculate your earnings in USDT, based on the number of BabyTether tokens in your wallet and the current trading volume.
BabyTether Swap (coming soon) Soon after the launch, we will also add a built-in Swap to our website, so that anyone can buy BabyTether tokens even easier, without switching to other exchange platforms.
Buy via Card (coming soon) It will become even easier for ordinary people to buy the BabyTether token! It is enough to make a payment directly with your bank card, after which you will receive BNB to the specified wallet, which you can exchange for BabyTether tokens in the Swap tab.
Dividend Distribution Mechanism The dividend mechanism incentivizes token holders to hold in order to earn dividends from the transactions (buys and sells).

The dividends are not dependent on the price of BabyTether. They are based purely on the volume and proportional to the BabyTether amount you hold in your wallet. 
Security The BabyTether team has taken several steps to ensure optimal security:
  1. The liquidity pool is locked for 12 months using the PinkSale platform
  2. BabyTether contract address has been audited by one of the most popular and trustworthy companies CERTIK:
  3. The Founder of BabyTether provided the full KYC on the PinkSale, with documents and video confirmation (on the pre-sale page you can see confirmation of this)
  4. 5% of the team tokens are locked for 12 months with linear unlocking (more information on the pre-sale page)
Useful Links Website:
CERTIK audit:
InterFi audit:
Buy (PancakeSwap):
Social Links Telegram Chat:
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2022.01.21 08:11 fm2606 Spreadsheet users: Excel, Google Sheets, Mac Numbers or LibreOffice Calc

For whatever reason my "Poll" tab is greyed out therefore we will do this the old fashion way!
For you spreadsheet users, which app do you use?
Did you make, steal or borrow a template?
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2022.01.21 08:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Australia records deadliest day of pandemic with 80 deaths | Washington Post

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2022.01.21 08:11 Many_Scratch2269 The market is crashing, and so is Crypto.

The market is crashing, and so is Crypto. The harsh truth is, the Fed is tightening its monetary policies and they're going to be raising interest rates very soon. The inflation rate is now too much to ignore as the people realize that their buying power is deteriorating faster and faster with little being done about it. As money is harder to get with the Fed reducing its balance sheet, there will be less money to invest into Crypto and the market.
The Crash Has Already Started When the Fed announced it was going to be raising interest rates, I warned about a market crash in a post I made just 10 days ago. Unfortunately, the crash I was talking about has already started as the stock market has started going down very intensely.
Nasdaq Index Falling
The pace at which the stock market is going down can very likely cause a situation like we've seen in 2008. This is going to cause panic and sell offs among people. We can already see people cashing out their stock market gains due to recent price action.
Surging Inflation and Market Crash If we see the history, every time there was high inflation, the Fed artificially triggered a market crash by aggressively increasing interest rates.
Inflation and Interest rate correlation
This rise in interest rate and the planned decrease of the Fed's balance sheet is going to have a severe impact on the market as people start borrowing less, spending less and investments into all assets start to dwindle.
Biden Approval Rating Approval Ratings Fall Sharply Due To Inflation Concerns
With more and more inflation, people are losing trust in the Government and the approval rating is going down. The main reason behind this huge fall in approval rating is inflation, and the government needs to tackle inflation if they want to keep their approval rating from falling even lower as the public takes notice of their bills. The approval rating is a sign that the government needs to do tackle inflation if it wants to keep public support.
The Sell-off and the Opportunity With the market crash ahead being very likely, people are taking their money out faster and faster. The Fed is no longer giving them free money very soon. The amount of people that are buying assets very low considering the current situation, and it is likely going to start going down as the interest rates are yet to be increased, which is when we will see the peak effects of the upcoming crash.
However, when crashes are at their peak, they leave most assets EXTREMELY undervalued. These are the times when you want to dump money into things like Crypto, which can rise extremely fast during a bullish market.
Crypto's Correspondence With the Stock Market The Cryptocurrency market is strongly correlated with the stock market, especially after more and more institutions have started to invest in Crypto. The Crypto market WILL react if there is a downtrend in the general economy. That is basically the reason we saw another dip in Crypto's prices today.
TLDR: The Fed will be tightening its monetary policies due to inflation and the stock market has started to crash. With the stock market starting to go down, we're already seeing the Crypto market react today, and unfortunately if the general market continues to dip, so will Crypto.
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2022.01.21 08:11 mauryguid05 Randomly thought of what would have happened if Basil went on 4chan during the 4 years and made a green text kind of thing, too lazy to actually write it on 4chan so have it in text form

be me have 2 friends that are brother and sister and live in this 2 story house they both play instruments and tomorrow there is a recital arrive at their house earlier than our other friends mfw hear screaming from inside mfw it suddenly stops fear.jpg take a peek from the living room mfw the sister falls from the stairs on top of the brother's broken violin shock.jpg the brother notices me we drag her to her room but she doesn't wake up mfw she's dead suddenly an idea drag the sister to their backyard use some jumprope to hang her on a tree to try and disguise it as suicide mfw it works suddenly I am an accomplice of murder brother shuts himself and leaves me alone with the consequences
Sunny it's been 4 fucking years where the fuck are you
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2022.01.21 08:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - In Venezuela, a soldier can be sent to prison for being gay. The courts could change that. | Washington Post

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2022.01.21 08:11 FanningFucker Christina Hendricks

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2022.01.21 08:11 nnldproton Insignia coin token thingy
Hi there! This was amongst many other finds during my clearing of an attic where nobody had been in 40 years…
Don’t really know what it is, it’s not gold lol, but it’s a rather large token of some sort.
Any knowledgeable person know the answer?
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2022.01.21 08:11 Historical_Test234 [WTS] MRO patrol, surefire m500, trijicon rx10 [TN]

No trades. Open to reasonable offers. Items paid for by noon cst will ship today. I accept PP or Apple Pay.
Aight you dirty bastards I need money for my non gun related hobby (terrible I know). the empire strikes back is my favorite Star Wars movie and I NEED the ultimate collectors AT-AT so buy my shit plz <3
Trijicon MRO patrol with full cowitness mount. Had this on an AUG for about 100 rounds. Comes with hard case, all the goodies, flip caps, kill flash, full cowitness mount, and most importantly the sticker. $515
Surefire m500. It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s not very bright. But fuck it’s cool. Red nav lights both work and the white light is as bright as ever. $175
Trijicon RX10. Do you have a carry handle upper and an old Acog reflex? Well you NEED this mount. $65 NIB (box is a little beat but mount has never been used)
leaked GAFS mods nudes
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2022.01.21 08:11 Ahatfanthatloves Quick Question

How do I get acces to the other part of the 20 bee area?
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2022.01.21 08:11 Hansjeee 🔥Grote Nederlandse Fap Discord Server / 🇳🇱Onbekende Meiden Fap 4000+ Members

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2022.01.21 08:11 Blxk_Mrkt Tampa Bay Raptors

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2022.01.21 08:11 ManU0031 Cześć , jaki aktualnie najlepszy batch na zwykły tees balmain?

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2022.01.21 08:11 harjas2517 The FiPi APP is the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. It's the first crypto APP to work like S&P 500.

The FiPi APP is the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. It's the first crypto APP to work like S&P 500. The FiPi APP is the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency world. It's the first crypto APP to work like S&P 500.
FiPi APP, which is an app for automated, regular, and modern saving via the purchase of cryptocurrencies. The most important feature of our app is its simplicity – it takes only three steps to buy one of the three FiPi Crypto Indexes.
FiPiToken is the first ETF crypto token in the world.
Pillars of FiPi APP’s working
The working of the application is based on known and proven methods and strategies of investing both in the crypto currencies world and in the traditional market. We adopt effective solutions and combine them in a unique way, and this is the basis for achieving the desired effect.
#FiPi #Presale #FiPiIndexes #IDO #FiPiAPP
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2022.01.21 08:11 shyla3 im mad at you because u didnt upvote

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2022.01.21 08:11 Kahannix [Art] Kubiky! My Gold Dragonborn of the wild magic 🎲✨

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2022.01.21 08:11 trunknation Watch JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE Perform At Florida's ROKISLAND FEST

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2022.01.21 08:11 AdvantageDefiant370 DRUZE History : The Tanukhi period(1147-1516)

Between 1255 and 1516, the Mamluks launched multiple military campaigns against the Tanukhis, with the help of the tribes from Baalbeck and Biqa’, causing mass casualties and ravaging Druze villages. The Tanukhis were forced to take sides with various Mamluk kings fighting each other over power, and while fighting away from their homes, their villages were attacked and ravaged by the Turks of Keserwan. Also, the Crusaders took advantage of the internal fights among the Mamluks and invaded the coastal areas of Lebanon, like on the Adha Holiday in 1334 when they invaded Beirut with ferocious street to street fights with the Tanukhis, or in 1413 when they invaded the town of Damour. The Mamluks between 1300 and 1305 also used the Tanukhis in their punitive campaigns against the Christians and Shi'a of Keserwan, and the Tanukhis sustained heavy casualties. The Tanukhis also participated in 3 big battles alongside the Mamluks in their fights against the Mongols, suffering tremendous casualties. While they defeated Hulago Khan in 1260, they were decimated by subsequent Mongol invasions in 1300, but especially by Timur Lenk in 1401. With all the wars and the casualties, the Plague hit the country multiple times between 1395 and 1410, taking its share of casualties. Finally, the Tanukhis were defeated along with the Mamluks by the Ottomans in 1516 in the famous battle of Marj Dabeq. The Tanukhi leaders were executed, and the Druze leadership in Mt Lebanon was transferred from the Tanukhis to the Ma’ni family who had sided with the Ottomans. 1516 in fact marked the end of the Tanukhi period which began in 1147.
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2022.01.21 08:11 Nichetime Deed of Guarantee under Power of Attorney

Straight forward question, can a deed of guarantee be executed by someone acting under Power of Attorney? This specifically relates to the terms of the guarantee which clearly have changed given the reason for the PoA to be enacted and whether it is in the best interests of a donor to pay a request or whether it might have to be referred to the Court of Protection for further consideration?
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2022.01.21 08:11 deepfrog21 first ever date, advice

so i’m pretty young and am going on my very first date ever with a girl. we agreed to meet up somewhere and get coffee. i just want to know proper etiquette and how not to seem like some stupid dumbass in front of my date. i’m generally kind of awkward and havent socialized with ppl due to the pandemic. the question i’m about to ask might seem dumb as fuck

  1. i’m planning to arrive at the place early, 15 mins before we agreed to. when i am waiting, should I wait OUTSIDE the shop until she gets there, and then we go order? or do wait inside and already order something before she does.
i’d also like any other extra advice
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2022.01.21 08:11 ContentForager2 So my daughter who I open all my packs with drew me some Pokémon. This is what it's all about. Worth more to me than any card on the planet! (/r/PokemonTCG)

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