Would you chop? (strawberry banana end of week 9 soil)

2022.01.21 08:12 Docc653 Would you chop? (strawberry banana end of week 9 soil)

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2022.01.21 08:12 FlourishingFucker Is it possible or plausible that, simply in virtue of being in the same universe, all creatures (including humans, animals, aliens) must have 'similar' cognitive faculties (and perhaps also similar consciousnesses)? (where 'similar' is understood in a very fundamental, information-theoretic sense)

I don't claim to have any argument for that conclusion, I'm just playing with the theories courtesy of Darwin and Friston.
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2022.01.21 08:12 tzingkha PP takes out a PD bike to do trials

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2022.01.21 08:12 SatisfactionNo183 Hear my story, please. I'll welcome any advice at all.

Ok, this is kind of a long post containing a (some would say) sad story. I've tried to explain the reason behind my request, in great detail. Felt obliged to say that in the first sentence, so you might wanna give this one a pass if you're not in the mood. But if you've decided to read on, here's most of the story:
As we all know, in certain parts of the world, affording to live can be tough. I’m originally from Iran. You might probably have some idea about what kind of a country Iran is. But if you're not from Iran, you won't really know what's going on inside. I'm not gonna bother explaining. Just know that, I don’t think anybody in our generation would ever “choose” to be born in a country like this.
So, like many people in my generation, I always wanted to immigrate. And I did. I finished high school, skipped college, and did my 2 years long obligatory military service (Yes, 2 years of constant daily trauma. Otherwise, you can't get a passport if you are a guy). I worked different jobs for 1.5 year after my service and tried to save (which is really hard to do in a broken economy), and despite what my family wanted, moved to Turkey -the only possible option for someone with limited amount of money, like me- with high hopes, at 23. A lot of people I knew were against my decision, and I was not certain either. But I did it. I sold everything I ever worked for, got an international teaching certificate as soon as I got there, and started working as an English teacher (the only skill I ever had was being good at English, thanks to the games I played when I was a teen). It was rough at first, as I did all of that on my own with no financial support whatsoever, a new language to learn, and culture shock. But I managed, and it was all getting better. It was quite exciting, to say the least. I was young and I was "living". A lot of adventures and new stuff to discover. I showed early signs of improvement in my job and got a lot of classes. Met a lovely girl around Christmas of 2018, had my pay checks going on well, and I was slowly setting up a "living". But that was only for about 12~15 months into my immigration.
Long story short:
Late 2019,
Covid hit.
I slowly got laid off work.
I lost my work permit/visa.
At the same time, economy went to sh*t. Every $ equals to 14 Turkish liras at the time of writing… so you can imagine the inflation.
And so, the problems began…
My roommate had to move out because he'd found a job in a different city; and that suddenly doubled my expenses. We had had adopted a cat who had developed kidney problems, and I was left with his health expenses as well. All this, with the frustration of covid and quarantines.
Let's fast forward a bit.
Now, at this point in the story, we're already almost a year and a half into covid, lockdown after lockdown, and I've already changed a few jobs because none of them could get me a work permit (online education and sh*t). I've even tried moving to different cities, with all the expenses of moving and renting, and even worked for a school in a small town for two full semesters away from my girlfriend, without insurance and visa + minimum wage, just to get rejected again and again. Meanwhile, I kept relying on my savings, and getting into small amounts of debts along the way. By this time, my cat had got sick 3 times, and I had to have 3 costly operations on him already. But as long as we could continue to survive this, I was ok.
In the mean time, to secure a valid visa, the only viable option for me was to get a students' visa. So I had to study for a while and pass the entrance exam, so that I could at least stay there legally and keep on working. So, after two semesters working for that school, I didn't bother applying for new jobs, and instead I studied. I got accepted to the university. And in order to complete the sign-up procedure, I had about 3~4 months to go back to Iran and bring back some documents. So I did.
I know it's been a wall of text already. Bear with me a little longer. It's about to end.
Since I was an "old high-school graduate" I had to pass some new exams to be able to obtain a new diploma and send it to my university back in Turkey. That was really frustrating, because I hadn't studied any of that stuff for the past 8~9 years. Also, covids' situation was really bad in the country, and it just kept getting in and out of full lockdowns, further delaying my procedures.
Now, Irans economy is 10x worse. Probably one of “the” worst economies in the world. So being jobless for some time, and debts piling up, I decided to learn trading with the time I had now in Iran. Didn’t have a lot of money left, anyway.
I trained for about 4 months day and night, while passing the exams for the new diploma. I showed a very promising potential in trading and started doing really well. I read charts pretty well, and I was lucky enough to almost 7x my money in a few days time. Beginners luck, I guess. I cashed out enough to clear only some of my debts and then... I got greedy, and I wanted to compensate everything that I've lost in the past 2 years, real fast… and you know the story of the amateur trader. You see, there was a lot of constant pressure going around my head, such as having to clear my debts and being able to make it back to Turkey, exams, diplomas, the life that I had left there; all of which were very expensive. So, although a good analyst, all this emotion made me into a terrible trader. And therefore, I lost the last of my savings as well.
To make matters worse, Iran had then entered a full lockdown for 21 days, right when my deadline was approaching. The procedures got even more delayed. And guess what? I missed the deadline and the sign-up to the university in Turkey. My girlfriend went there in person, video called me and we literally begged them to give me some more time, but they refused. We were only able to take a leave until the next semester. That meant 3 more months in Iran...
I've been skipping a lot of details already, and I will try to make it even shorter now. Sorry about this.
I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way. A lot of costly decisions. And I guess I’ve learned a lot of lessons, too.
Some people might say “Stop whining, work harder, it’s all your fault”. Well, I agree. When I think about my character, I dislike myself very much too. I've got some real flaws. It is all my fault, for the most part. Especially the part about acting overconfident with my trading, and making stupid financial decisions. But among all that misery, my cat getting sick and needing surgery? Covid and being made redundant for about two years in a foreign country with broken economy? Being unable to get a job with work permit due to increasing rates of unemployment during the pandemic? Lockdowns syncing with my deadlines? and so many other things that I just couldn't fit in this post.
There were many days me and my cat would share the same food. Many, many lonely days when my only companion was my cat. Many days when I had to take cold showers, cut my internet subscription, eat one meal, buy the cheapest ingredients available etc. all done in silence, not telling anyone out of embarrassment. Things I never thought I would go through. And all this, in a period of only one year. From a normal life, to this, in a matter of 10 - 12 months.
I came back to Iran in the summer, thinking that I was going to go back real soon. At the moment of writing this, It’s winter already, and I’m still stuck here, wearing T-shirts (obviously, I left everything in Turkey and packed light) and an old hoodie I found from my old stuff here with a pair of torn sneakers. I can’t even afford to get myself some warm clothes and I keep hiding it from my family. You might call me cocky, but by doing that I'd be admitting that I've made a mistake by immigrating; which is really, really hurtful. Besides, my family didn't have a good couple of years, financially, either, and they've already helped me a great deal while being here.
I’ve gone through my share of difficulties and I’ve tried my best not to break. Rent after rent, bills after bills. You see, I immigrated against my family’s intentions, and I succeeded. Now to go back as a loser, and with a lot of debts, and not being able to share it with anyone… now, that has broken me.
But it all doesn’t matter at the moment, because I’m meeting deadlines for my debts. And it just keeps getting bigger and scarier. A bank credit that keeps adding up. And my dignity is also on the line, as I owe some friends and cousins too.
Well, when you look at it from a European or Americans point of view, it’s only 4000$, no big deal. Not enough to be bankrupt. But for me, and many people where I come from… it’s too much. I've been working two jobs for the past 6 weeks and I haven't been able to compensate even 10% of it.(I spend my days working as a waiter in a cafe and I borrow my brothers' car at nights and do some "uber")
When I look back, I haven't had ONE good day, whole 2021. Everyday, something new has come up. And it all just happened too quickly, and I don’t really know how I've got here… I've never believed in being "lucky / unlucky". But this past year, has seriously been strange.
Now, the biggest problem is: If I don’t come up with this money, I’ll be sued by the bank in Turkey. I’ve been getting emails and notes that I need to settle it by mid-Feb at the latest (which is in 20 days at the time of writing). That could mean I can never go back there again.
And I’ve left my university there… and my cat and all my stuff… My life and my future, literally. Left them all with my girlfriend. Well, my ex-girlfriend. Lost her too. About a couple of weeks ago… saying she can no longer cope with this situation of long distance relationship and all my problems, just 15 days short of our 3rd year anniversary... I don't blame her though, not one bit. She's always had my back.
Today, 01/01/2022, I became very nostalgic. After 3 new year eve's with my girlfriend and our friends, today I was absolutely lonely. I was looking back at 2021 and I realized I've lost many things. I've lost my job, my stability, a lot of money, my little living in Turkey, my independence, my freedom, my cat, my girlfriend, and my life, literally. I’ve tried to be brave. But I guess it’s all too much for one person. Well, I know for sure that it’s been too much for me. I never thought I would ask random people online for help. But here I am.
The past two weeks, since the breakup, has made me very vulnerable. But the past one to two years of hardship and luckless days, had made me extremely desensitized. So, I guess I am back to being a normal person, succumbing to stress, fear, depression, sleepless nights, and having a constant feeling of suffocation (this one is really weird and uncomfortable). I've hit rock bottom, mentally, financially, spiritually etc. and I've hit it bad. I've tried my best to get out of it, but I've only got myself more in. Thus, in conclusion, my frustration has led me here. My 'outcry' of sorts involves advice, and wishes for a miracle. Advice as to what I could do at a time like this. How do I keep going on from here? How do I recover from this? I am a human being, in a lot of pain and anxiety, and I see "money" as the solution here, for most of my problems, anyway. I know I am really late to be asking for help, but maybe one of you might know of some miraculous way to come up with the money? Just a shot in the dark... Thank you.
TL;DR : I'll do anything for money right now, because I honestly think it can fix my life. Any idea how I can come up with some quick cash?
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2022.01.21 08:12 assagitaz Elio Riso & Vördr - Few Moments [Voltaire Music]

Publisher: Voltaire Music
Out Date: 2021-01-30
Quality: MP3 16.70 Mb / AIFF 73.27 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Elio Riso & Vördr - Few Moments / (Key Abm, BPM 125, Length 6:55)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528366
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2022.01.21 08:12 name05_ Banana boi

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2022.01.21 08:12 MyNameIsGriffon Lambda Legal: Biden Delivered Results for LGBTQ+ and HIV Communities in First Year, But Critical Work Remains

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2022.01.21 08:12 starmers98 How did the Malfoys react to Snape's feud with the Marauders?

Snape was an old friend of the Malfoy family and was always on good terms with them. Lucius was a Slytherin prefect when Snape began attending Hogwarts, and the two ran in the same social circles, which included other future Death Eaters. Snape and Lucius likely worked together as Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War.
Lucius and Narcissa graduated from Hogwarts 2 or 3 years after Snape's first year. Did they ever know about Snape's hatred and enmity with the Marauders (particularly Sirius and James), and if so, how did they react to it (especially given that one of the Marauders was related to Narcissa)?
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2022.01.21 08:12 Lifeunsubscribe very excited this reddit exists 😁my ig is 👉🏼lifeunsubscribe 👈🏼 lets follow each other! ✨

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2022.01.21 08:12 Redhood489 Humphrey or Simmons?

I have enough to get either but I dont know what one to get. My cb lineup is 95, 93, 90, but my ss is just 91 rodney Hudson. I don't know what one to get.
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2022.01.21 08:12 Bennexttv Just wanted to share that I reached silver with this deck that uses pure free cards from tutorial/solo mode. YouTube proof: https://youtu.be/S2qfaPEoix0?t=3266

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2022.01.21 08:12 leonardo-vinci For the first time since August, a sharp decline in “Bitcoin” after Russia’s proposal to ban cryptocurrencies

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2022.01.21 08:12 StonkBrothers2021 The FED is asking for our opinion on its CBDC. This feels like a trap :D

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2022.01.21 08:12 xLadyspacex Are there blue flames?

OK I'm sometimes a little slow but are there blue flames now or is this just a glitch? Do they add to the regular candle?
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2022.01.21 08:12 yoursubconsciouss A lucid dreaming experiment I would like you all to try.

Can you guys LD and tell me what happens when you make an "I AM" statement of your choice? Or you could start with "I believe". Thanks.
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2022.01.21 08:12 neremarine I know of at least one lady of culture here...

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2022.01.21 08:12 Tiluf The work behind Kratos curio! I hope you'll like it! This curio is an NFT, anyone interested in buying, contact me.

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2022.01.21 08:12 sundayquiz Famous Women in Sport - 10 Questions + Answers

I don't often write sports rounds as it's not really my thing, but I thought I'd see what you think of this set (see what I did there?). Good luck!

  1. The first to earn an Olympic medal in judo, which American woman is best known for her time in the UFC and the WWE?
  2. Which American professional soccefootball player for San Diego Wave FC, co-captained the United States women's national soccer team with Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe from 2018 to 2020?
  3. Born September 26, 1981, who is as of 2021 the only American tennis player, male or female, to win more than 20 majors?
  4. An American former figure skater, retired boxer and a reality television personality. Who is the subject of many books, films, documentaries, and academic studies?
  5. Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana plays for the Indian women's national team in which sport?
  6. Who became the world Tennis No. 1 for the first time on 22 August 2005, at the age of 18, becoming the first Russian female tennis player to top the singles rankings?
  7. Which American professional basketball player is the only WNBA player to win titles in three different decades?
  8. Which South African middle-distance runner and winner of two Olympic gold medals was made to undergo sex testing following her victory at the 2009 World Championships?
  9. Who is the most decorated American alpine skier in history, having won most medals (11) overall, a record six of them gold?
  10. Which American television personality, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, is widely regarded by many within the sport as one of the greatest female boxers of all time?
  1. Ronda Rousey#
  2. Alex Morgan##
  3. Serena Williams
  4. Tonya Harding#
  5. Cricket#######
  6. Maria Sharapova
  7. Sue Bird######
  8. Caster Semenya
  9. Mikaela Shiffrin#
  10. Laila Ali#######
More quizzes on my site.
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2022.01.21 08:12 Lynch1999 WE OPEN A SOLD OUT CLASSIC FOOTBALL SHIRTS MYSTERY BOX | Over The Line Football Unboxing's Episode 3

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2022.01.21 08:11 DefxultTW Conan exiles PVP

Anyone out their in the OCE community willing to start a big 10 man clan up to wipe some dudes.
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2022.01.21 08:11 Top_Dot_8788 Virtual reality clinic

From any part of the world book your consultation in General , Minimal invasive GI surgery, Robotic surgery in the first virtual reality clinic for more info WhatsApp: 00971506406334 we accept digital currency
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2022.01.21 08:11 orlandoalberto Br3nd4trindade Mega Link In The Comments 💦💦🥵👇

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2022.01.21 08:11 garybeharrie Final Fantasy VII Remastered | AI Upscaled Textures Battle Models & Much More | 7th Heaven TSUNAMODS

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2022.01.21 08:11 wiggles1988 Being judged by this Australian Magpie

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2022.01.21 08:11 AsherThom No

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