[Op-Ed] - Voter suppression can’t save the Republicans | The Japan Times

2022.01.21 07:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Voter suppression can’t save the Republicans | The Japan Times

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2022.01.21 07:40 Mechgork ISTQB - online vagy tantermi vizsga?

Érdeklődnék, hogy aki vizsgázott már online, annak mik voltak a tapasztalatai? Van bármi hátrány a tantermi vizsgával szemben, vagy lehet nyugodtan a kényelmesebb online megoldást választani? Köszi!
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2022.01.21 07:40 MethadoneFiend92 Just got 4 extra bottles at the window, has anyone ever had a nurse dispense too many take homes without catching it? Now what?

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2022.01.21 07:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - The power and poison of Modern Monetary Theory | The Japan Times

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2022.01.21 07:40 nicolemarie1337 Hit me with that karma! I'll get you back!

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2022.01.21 07:40 Pimmelsenator I'm disgusted and repulsed ... and I can't look away

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2022.01.21 07:40 Akinyemibabs735 Belinda Russell, CHANNEL 9 SYDNEY

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2022.01.21 07:40 Swimming-Valuable-46 Since when did Akaash get bigger balls than Alexx. Alexx must be scared he going on another “vacation” talking under his breath like that……

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2022.01.21 07:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Biden’s disappointing first year | The Japan Times

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2022.01.21 07:40 Low_Hedgehog6865 Last minute help - One shot!

Hi everyone,
Tomorrow three first-time players will be playing a one-shot, but my creativity is at an all time low. I'm looking for creative one-shot ideas. The hook: All three players hate the invention of the airfryer (I didn't come up with this lol) and are on a crusade to stop the "airfryer-culture". Anyone have any ideas how to implement this in a one-shot?
Thanks for your help everyone!
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2022.01.21 07:40 aristosachean Thoughts on manatreed?

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2022.01.21 07:40 AnakinMalfoy hmmmm

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2022.01.21 07:40 New_Performance_1120 multiple linear regression

What is some ideas to do project in econometrics using multiple linear regression?
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2022.01.21 07:40 Vasy_XT Hi guys, need some help

Check output of the command: PS> Get-Help -Name Get-Date -Examples Note the blocks SYNOPSIS, DESCRIPTION, EXAMPLES,…
Configure your script to have a similar output when running
PS> Get-Help -Name ./myscript.ps1 -Examples
Can someone help me please?
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2022.01.21 07:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - China’s got problems, but inflation ain’t one | The Japan Times

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2022.01.21 07:40 StarGlazedPixel Guy (37M)I (36F) was seeing found out something unsavory about my past and reported me to our employer

This is a repost. The original was posted by u/ThrowRAShamedPast

TW: Past grooming, abuse and victim blaming.
Mood spoiler: Frustrating, Possible lawsuit in the future


I (36F) was fortunate to have a long and loving marriage to a wonderful man for 12 years. Sadly, he passed away in a car accident two years ago just before the beginning of the pandemic. Between grieving and the pandemic I did not date at all for about a year and a half, but decided to try to get out and meet some people this past summer once it was after. Online dating was kind of a bust, but in the fall I connected with "Joe" (37M), who works at the same large company as me but in a completely different department (we are not in the same chain of command and our paths do not cross at all in terms of work - we met at the employee gym). We had lunch a few times and ultimately decided to start spending time together outside of work, evolving to a relationship we agreed to describe as "committed casual" (as in, monogamous, but just having fun and not planning for a future together). We initially decided to do things this way because Joe is relocating this coming summer to another company office across the country, so with an expiration date looming wanted to enjoy each other's company without any particular expectations. This worked well for me too because a big part of me was still grieving my husband and, as of a few months ago, I was not ready think about a lifetime commitment to anyone else.
About a week ago, Joe told me he was really falling for me and might want to rethink the casual categorization. I told him I was feeling the same way - but that I had to tell him something about my past with the understanding that it might be a dealbreaker. Specifically, I had a very rough upbringing with parents who were both alcoholics/addicts; instead of going in a bad direction, I threw myself into school and managed to graduate early from high school and got a full scholarship to college at the age of 16. However, when I got to college, despite having my tuition, room and board covered, I was still broke and didn't have enough money for things like clothes, toiletries, etc. I really struggled for the first couple months (due to my age being under 18, I was turned down for the on-campus jobs I applied for). The father of one of my college friends (a divorced man in his 40s who lived in the local town) noticed my difficulties and offered to help me. I realize now that he was grooming me into entering into a sugar daddy/baby type relationship, but didn't see it at the time. He bought me food and clothes, mentored me when I had trouble in my classes, and gave me a place to go when I wanted to get off campus. Our relationship didn't turn sexual for a few months, but eventually it did. (16 was the age of consent in this state so technically this was not illegal, although very morally wrong in retrospect.) It lasted throughout the time I was 16-17 and really did help me survive. Mostly it was him buying me practical things I needed for school or just living, not luxury items, with a small amount of pocket money ($20-40 here and there). When I turned 18 we mutually decided to end it and I was able to get a couple part-time on-campus jobs. I graduated at 20, went on to get a master's degree and now have a good career. I never had further contact with the older man (my classmate who was his daughter ended up transferring to another college and we lost touch) although I did look him up online now and then over the years and understand he passed away a few years ago. I never repeated this sort of arrangement with anyone else; I met my husband a couple years after things ended with the older guy and he knew everything and accepted me.
Back to Joe - I would have completely understood him not wanting to have an emotionally serious relationship for someone who essentially made it through college as a sex worker, so I wasn't that surprised that he was upset and angry and that he broke up with me. However, I didn't expect that he would go to HR at our mutual employer, telling them I had hidden my sex work past and asking them to discipline me for "misconduct." I just found out about this on Friday and am reeling. I know what I did was wrong, at least morally speaking, but I was under 18 and it was about 20 years ago. I don't think my sex life as a teenager two decades ago is my employer's business. I have to go in for a meeting about it on Tuesday and am just sick with worry that I am going to get fired. So I guess I am just looking for opinions here, like - how in the wrong am I? Should I try to apologize to Joe? What should I say to my employer? I'm feeling very lost and scared.


For those who don't want to read through the full post, I am a young widow (36F) who just started dating again a few months ago after my husband passed a couple years ago. I ended up casually dating "Joe" (37M) a coworker (not in my department or chain of command) at the same large company. All went very well until, in the name of full disclosure, I felt I should tell him about my past sugar baby relationship when I was in college (I was 16-17 at the time, the man was in his 40s and I realize in retrospect he groomed/abused me) and had no other family support, in case it was a deal-breaker; it did indeed end up being a deal-breaker in that I was dumped immediately, but he also went to our company's HR to report that I should be disciplined for being a sex worker in the past.
I know many folks requested an update after my meeting with HR that took place earlier this week. First, I did retain an attorney who accompanied me to the meeting. Unfortunately, it didn't really help in this case as I was fired for cause (no severance or transition period) due to the potential to bring scandal/shame to the company from my past as a "prostitute." (Even though my company doesn't have a morality clause restricting sexual behavior or anything; even though it was 20 years ago, and even though it was one relationship and not ongoing escort work.)
Yes, I'm exploring further legal action both against my former company and "Joe." Mostly against the company as I'm investigating, for example, if they have penalized women for their sexual past but not men. Thankfully I have been very careful with money and have enough set aside to manage for up to a few years if needed until I can get this resolved.
I know this isn't the most satisfying update but I know a lot of people were curious about what would happen at the meeting. I do remain grateful for so many kind comments on my original post.
INFO: No, I'm not going to name and shame in terms of the company. Wish I could, but after this post/thread I won't be discussing further to avoid compromising my case (maybe way down the road once any legal issues are resolved).
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2022.01.21 07:40 ultraFat32 Initiate ze Protocol

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2022.01.21 07:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - An aging China poses new challenges | The Japan Times

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2022.01.21 07:40 AnnOfSlipknot9 I'm scared of NOT having a mental illness (autism, ADHD etc.) because I want closure to the way I've been feeling internally for so long...

Ever since I was little I knew I was different from others. I didn't like what others did, LIKED what others did not, and I was just very bottled up and introverted from a young age.
I've never taken into consideration of myself having a mental illness until recently (I'm 18 now), but now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. I've always had problems understanding "common" social cues and I tend to lose interest in lots of stuff very quickly.
Recently this has affected me even harder because of school. Teachers constantly call me nice and well-spoken, but also call me lazy and uninterested in pretty much everything. And that kind of hurts... I mean if I have a mental illness, that's not really nice to hear, especially when you're trying your actual best.
So I'm thinking of going to a therapist, public or private, I don't know which yet, most likely public cus I'm broke. And I'm worried that I WON'T be diagnosed with anything, which would invalidate everything I've ever felt about myself. Is it ok to feel this way? Am I just "fetishizing" mental illness? I honestly just want to finally figure out what my deal is... If you could help me in any way, shape or form I would eternally be grateful <3.
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2022.01.21 07:40 kakyoinscherryuwu I got this guy who is a weeb (he also never watched kdramas before) into CLOY. Not him calling Seri "isekai main girl" 💀

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2022.01.21 07:40 thrasherbuffy THE legacy. OG 3 forever ♥️

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2022.01.21 07:40 Globetrotter-Gary Pakistani POLICE Interrogation | Muzaffarabad, Pakistan 🇵🇰

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2022.01.21 07:40 Uglyoa Gave in and called a social worker

I’ve been through another round of mental and emotional narc abuse at home, I’m drained but I need help, I want out of my situation and this house, it’s very damaging and toxic for me to live here. I’m hoping this social worker can help me, I’m always wary of trusting people even ones that are supposed to help.
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2022.01.21 07:40 DisgruntledBassist Today on Fuck the Service Guy...

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2022.01.21 07:40 CTWeedfarmer Gorilla Glue auto flower. 3.5 ozs in a little over 90 days.

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