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Elixir collector balancing issue

Synonyms for ISSUE: aftereffect, aftermath, backwash, child, conclusion, consequence, corollary, development; Antonyms for ISSUE: antecedent, causation, cause ... Define issue. issue synonyms, issue pronunciation, issue translation, English dictionary definition of issue. n. 1. a. A point or matter of discussion, debate, or ... issue definition: 1. a subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about: 2. most important in what is…. Learn more. Issue definition, the act of sending out or putting forth; promulgation; distribution: the issue of food and blankets to flood victims. See more. Distribute content across every digital marketing channel. You’ve got beautiful content. Issuu is the place to launch it to the world. Import your designs and instantly create derivative assets ... One copy of "Celebrities are Cool" magazine is an issue. It is issued, or put out, by the publisher. You and your mother may argue over the issue, or topic, of whether or not you should read it. issue: [noun] proceeds from a source of revenue (such as an estate).

2022.01.21 07:52 extraordinary_06 Elixir collector balancing issue

The elixir collector has been quite a controversial card in terms of balancing. So I just thought It'd be fun to share my opinion on the card and how I'd balance it.
Current state of the card:- It is only viable in one deck for a long long time and has been ignored by the community.
Buff:- I don't think the pump needs a buff it'll be very annoying to deal with like back in the day. It needs a rework instead.
Stats of the card:- At tournament standard (lvl 11) the pump has 1080hp , an elixir production speed of 8.5 seconds, lifetime of 1minute10seconds and elixir cost of 6.
Rework:-(lvl 11)
Hitpoints increased from 1080-->1100
Elixir production rate decreased from 8.5sec-->8sec
Lifetime reduced from 1min10sec-->1min
Elixir cost reduced from 6-->5
Id like to hear your opinions too.
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2022.01.21 07:52 Outrageous-Cloud7820 Nothing happens by the will of ALLAH

Disclaimer: I have no intentions to defame or question ALLAH(I am not an atheist and I firmly believe in ALLAH). The whole purpose of this blog will be to demonstrate you how the world and people around you from generations have brainwashed you. And you ofc you haven't questioned anything on these subjects till now!
Well so before straight away jumping to the main topic of this blog let me take you through the small roads which I went through before driving this conclusion.
Read the blog very patiently and slowly in all your senses!
So of course I am not a scholar or something who has done research in this field.
So my points might be wrong(ofc). So before getting triggered by any of my statements just keep in mind that any of my statements are just only and only mine and it is not harming any sort of your belief, your religion, or ALLAH.
So be patient and calm while reading out the points.
So let's start the journey,
My father is very fond of a Turkish TV Series named ERTUGRUL. And if you are not aware of what this series is all about so let me tell you that the show is based on 13th-century Turkish ruler ETUGRUL GHAZI.
It's just constantly portrayed in the show that Ertugrul wants to expand ISLAM and for which if anyone will come in his path will be slaughtered to death. Which to me seems no more than the terrorist ideology of most of the terrorist groups (like ISIS). Well so once I asked my father Why did you applaud Ertugrul so much why you support him when he kills 1000s (literally each episode displays the killing of 1000 of soldiers)to which my father replies that " Zalim ka yahi ant hota hai " which means " That's what a fate of tyrant is ".
Well at that point I thought ok maybe my father is right. But I never knew that his answer will arise 100s more questions inside me.
The first question which straight away came to my mind was if he is a zalim who is torturing and killing innocents WHY ALLAH IS ALLOWING HIM TO DO SO. Why ALLAH is not punishing him at that instant only?
Why Allah is just watching his innocent ummat to suffer from pain, misery, and sorrow?
No just imagine yourself in that situation where someone from your innocent family member(be it your mother, father, brother, or sister) gets slaughtered by this tyrant. Wouldn't you question anyone WHY GOD DID THIS TO YOU?
So I asked this question straight away to my father that if he is a zalim why ALLAH itself not stopping him. And if ALLAH is not stopping him and thus allowing him to live then who tf is this Ertugrul to take away his life? (Giving and taking life should only and only be the right of ALLAH)
To which my father politely replies that everything that happens is a willingness of ALLAH itself.
Ertugrul is just a medium.It's all the wish of ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta'ala.
Well, here one will think that yeah that's what a happy ending is it was the will of ALLAH and so this zalim got killed by Ertugrul.
But still, if you even go one centimeter deep in this philosophy you will eventually start seeing the flaws it has! By the time it should be very clear that this philosophy(the philosophy that GOD HAS ALREADY PRE-WRITTEN EVERYTHING & whatever happens is only the will of ALLAH) has obviously many defects in it.
But if you aren't able to think that way(which probably most the people will be coz you have been mentally washed of by 1000s of people from ages so far and so you never ever thought it the other way!) I will make you understand it!
So firstly let's accept that this philosophy which people have told us for years is true!
In a small town of Jammu&Kashmir, a 6-year-old small cute girl was gang-raped by 4 people, and not only that but they eventually murdered her by burning her alive! So why will ever ALLAH pre-write these things against a just small girl who is not zalim(obv) or threat to the world? She must not even have imagined what's right what's wrong and what's going on! Well, some of the people will say maybe the girl was a non-muslim (probably Hindu) NOO she was a Muslim girl named Asifa gang-raped by 4 pandits of her own town. I know it is tough to imagine the situation but just for a second imagine that she was your own small sister wouldn't you have questioned?
Well, some of you might have definitely thought that maybe the girl might not be good from inside. She must be an "evil soul" and must have been a danger to society! and so ALLAH decided to take away her life in THIS WAY! Well, I agree.
But what about a girl who is just born and is just 8 months old. Chalna to dur ki baat woh masoom to abhi bolna bhi nhi seekhi hai! Will ALLAH ever write her destiny that THIS 2 YOUNG MEN WILL RAPE HER TILL SHE DIES! Yeah!! that's what happened to her if you read the news! Will you again not question?
I am again saying it's never ALLAH to be questioned it's always the people to be questioned who told you the wrong things!
Well, even Jesus(which we all call isa masi)questioned these things! When he was crucified hanged beaten and was left with no hope. Blood running down all his body, nails and swords all under his stomach and intestines He questioned the GOD that WHY ME? WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS TO ME? You can watch more in this video
Let me give you Another example to understand that nothing happens in this world by the will of Allah!
"_Allah ki marzi hogi to selection zaroor hoga" & " Allah ki marzi nhi rahi hogi islie iska selection nhi ho paya!" is not true at all! Allah won't influence the test and the competition at all!
Agar is bachhe ki khud ki marzi hogi to zaroor selection hoga aur agar iski marzi nhi hai to Allah ki marzi jaisi koi chiz exist hi nhi karti hai!
No just think for yourself what people say is ki "dua karo iska selection ho jae" I mean why tf Allah is gonna do the injustice? Just because isne dua aakar mangi thi islie iska selection karwa deta hu aur ye bachha jo do saal se mehnat kar raha hai poori sincerity se wo jae tel lene ?
I mean think for yourself why will Allah be partial with the few and do the selection on the basis ki kisne zyada achhe se minnate ya dua aakar mangi thi. Yaar ye kaise samjhau😑
Achha aisa socho ki 1% hi selection ratio hai ek exam me to Allah paak kabhi bhi aisa kyu chahe ge ki iske ghar dia jala deta hu kyuki isne to har din aakr dua mangi thi preparation thodi kam reh gai bas aur kya iska karwa deta hu jaldi se
Aur competition ka matlab hi yehi hota hai ki agar tumhare ghar me dia jalega to padosi ke ghar me andhera aana tay hai!
Why will Allah ever want ki kiske ghar me andhera aana hai on the basis of ki kisne mere saamne zyada sir jhukaya ?_
Allah isn't an arrogant and egoistic personality at all(which people has constantly portrayed him!)
So the above examples were very easy according to me to understand the flaws that philosophy has but let me take you a little deeper into the point and I will make you realize how the philosophy in itself is a paradox(philosophy contradicts itself as well!)
So the point started that Ertugrul killed the man because it was the will of ALLAH.
Meaning whatsoever was happening was the will of ALLAH ----> meaning that whatsoever zulm that tyrant was doing was also a will of ALLAH itself! So why will ALLAH kill him when he was only doing the things which ALLAH wrote for him to do?
Well so now driving my exact opinion aka conclusion ​on what must have been existed and how people fabricated that statement to "jo bhi hota hai ALLAH ki marzi se hota hai"
Allah hasn't had any influence on our world since the time he created it. He left us to do things on our own and everything to understand by observing things. He gave us all the things and left us to understand them from our brain which he gave! According to me, this life we have on earth is just for the sake of our tests on how we will perform by observing things. And so he won't influence any of our decisions etc. Everything will be kept a note of and will be questioned to us afterlife(our result day) why we did so and so.
Only one thing which has one possibility to be true mustbe that God has seen the future and is aware of everything that's gonna happen, How the world's gonna end! (with only and only our decision which we take!)He is not gonna interfere in between and whatsoever people say that this earthquake has happened because "ALLAH ka azaab aaya hai" isn't true at all! It's just our test which is going on for millions of years and god is just silently watching everything. He won't influence anything at all!
Well, that's what my point was. Thanks for reading it out. I have literally so many points which I can state to prove how other things such as dua,bakrid, Quran, namaz,haj etc. all things have been fabricated by the people and is not an actual creation of ALLAH. But will stop here because if I start to speak more I am sure you will start hating me more 😂. Bye
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2022.01.21 07:52 harjas2517 Two Promising Defi Projects is Officially Merging Pitch Finance; and FlockiFinance.

Two Promising Defi Projects is Officially Merging Pitch Finance; and FlockiFinance. Two Promising Defi Projects is Officially Merging Pitch Finance; and FlockiFinance. Pitch Finance independently offers value to Crypto enthusiasts by helping them build, buy, sell, trade, any kind of asset, token, and NFT in diverse blockchains.
FlockiFinance stands as the first multi-chain marketplace for NFTs. Crypto enthusiasts and traders can buy, sell, trade, and even swap any NFT on any blockchain they desire using one platform.
#dao #pafdao #bitcoin #crypto
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2022.01.21 07:52 beingbornisascam Do animated lamps exist?

I want to find a lamp where the image is moving, like one of these: 1
Suggestions welcome :)
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2022.01.21 07:52 cresshalel I don't know what to do anymore

I'm gonna turn 18 this year I am bored to death. I wake up everyday watch YouTube the whole day and then go to sleep. I never talk to anyone I don't get any interaction and it's been like this for years now I'm sick of it. I feel like I'm doing nothing with my life. I've never had a conversation with a girl ever in my life nor have I ever drank alcohol I'm just sick of living a lonely life where I don't get out of my room the whole day. My parents don't understand why it makes me feel sad and tell me to just focus on studying. I'm so bored I wanna die
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2022.01.21 07:52 moveyourheart 220121 Yunho: Thank you for today, Tiny ❤❤❤❤❤

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2022.01.21 07:52 ColwynBane Hosting aerodactyl add either 926805507320 or 902666777775

Hosting aerodactyl add either 926805507320 or 902666777775
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2022.01.21 07:52 TechD123 Looking for parental control recommendations

Does anyone use parental control/screen time apps to limit device usage on their children’s devices? Is there a built in application for this? A quick search on F-Droid returned this app – does someone happen to use it?
I’d plan to use this on a Fairphone 4 if the folks at Calyx are successful in supporting it. The developer of timelimit.io states that:
Some smartphones have got power saving features which terminate Apps running in the background (like TimeLimit) or prevent the autostart.
Does CalyxOS disable features like this that are specific to a manufacturer?
Additionally, in order to prevent the removal of the timelimit.io app, it is necessary to perform the steps mentioned here (scroll down to “How can I grant the device owner permission?”). Is this possible with CalyxOS and, if so, would this impact the security of the device negatively?
If this is not possible, the developer also states that one can install timelimit.io in a separate user profile (primary account) with a different password and then create a separate account for the child. However, on our Android tablet, this results in needing the primary account password to unlock the device after shutdown/reboot.
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2022.01.21 07:52 Southern-Ad4175 Swaywm on Alpine Linux

While reading the Alpine wiki page on sway it says to install seatd-launch which is a suid binary which is bad for security.
Is there any other way other than using elogind to launch sway without a suid binary? On Void musl you can use seatd without seatd-launch which to my knowledge does not use any suid binaries.
Also, how do I know if I need mesa-dri-gallium or mesa-dri-classic and do I need eudev, or can I just use the busybox mdev?
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2022.01.21 07:52 HowdoIusethisthing_ Question for the OG/Vets about new players

Im sure this has been brought up before but I am curious what those of you that spend god knows how many hours grinding this game to get all your shit maxed, unlocked, researched etc feel about new people mainly female players/streamers that just started just being handed out stuff and being carried.
Ive recently seen this happen with them being gifted well over 300 dollars worth of items at this point with not even 40 hours playtime whilst talking about how they hate being carried or cheesing the game etc and want to earn everything themselves whilst doing exactly what they are complaining about even admitting they are being carried when asked what mission they are up to.
For me personally I find this extremely annoying as someone thats spent god knows how many hours grinding and having to restard due to platform switching, especially the whole self righteousness of the situation.
I feel like the game was simplified enough in recent years that gifting and sharing items should be locked to a certain mastery rank as not only does it give enough time to familiarise with the game but also to learn how to craft and farm everything leaving the trading as a last option to get parts youre struggling to get.
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2022.01.21 07:52 Impossible_Writing15 Easy Keto Recipe Beef And Broccoli Stir Fry

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2022.01.21 07:52 phillabadboy05 Tobi you finally made it!

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2022.01.21 07:52 Dietznutzgaming Schau dir "tc2 flanker evolution" auf YouTube an

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2022.01.21 07:52 Large-Worldliness193 Noise and water in a cabin.

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2022.01.21 07:52 TheShadowWatches Anyone else just enjoy the beauty of d2?

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2022.01.21 07:52 MikeOxmall_4 Boyles iconic outfits

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2022.01.21 07:52 Aixtazzy Hero Skills Overview - Updated 01/21/2022

2 new heroes : Lomax (Goblin) and Wallis (Fire)
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2022.01.21 07:52 stomaria We're continuing with our Q&A series about the Empire of Stomaria by answering questions regarding housing, MicroCon, the succession of Princess Eleanor and more.

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2022.01.21 07:52 awesomeright Whatcha think [F24]

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2022.01.21 07:52 pandaser Perfectly Balanced.. As all things should be..

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2022.01.21 07:52 pingusbeak What quiz shows do you think cast the cleverest people who apply and what quiz shows deliberately don’t…?

No offence to anybody who has appeared on Tipping Point.
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2022.01.21 07:52 Adventurous-Rip7765 Yo guys, i want to hang up a poster in my office. I found a photo of Spongebob smoking Hookah😂. I was wondering if someone has a better quality image so i can print it and hang it up. If someone can recreate this one that would be awesome too

Yo guys, i want to hang up a poster in my office. I found a photo of Spongebob smoking Hookah😂. I was wondering if someone has a better quality image so i can print it and hang it up. If someone can recreate this one that would be awesome too submitted by Adventurous-Rip7765 to hookah [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 07:52 chrislulka NFT Inspired by 'The Death of Socrates' - Jacques-Louis David. Any ideas on how to improve it would be appreciated:)

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2022.01.21 07:52 GarySmith43 Do you spend a certain amount per year on inefficient, sometimes painful, expensive products? It's now the past! ADVANTAGES - An instant hair remover, painless, practical, safe and gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. Perfect for men and women. CONVENTIONAL - You no longer have to endure the

Do you spend a certain amount per year on inefficient, sometimes painful, expensive products? It's now the past! ADVANTAGES - An instant hair remover, painless, practical, safe and gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. Perfect for men and women. CONVENTIONAL - You no longer have to endure the submitted by GarySmith43 to ddfese [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 07:52 reverse_psych R 01

Which is the first cell to die due to ischemia Hint- kuru parasite.
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